Internship Opportunity @ The Dais, New Delhi: Apply NOW

The Dais, as the name suggests, seeks to create a platform for enthusiastic and talented students for extra curricular activities so as to bring about a prominent elevation in their skills, both performing and critical thinking, and personality.

Set up in 2015, The Dais is committed to pursue and organize mentorship and training programs in the co-curricular field of a student’s academic life by collaborating with schools and colleges.

At The Dais, we value human capital as it forms the crux for the transfer of knowledge and its management that we aim to facilitate. Internship programs form a viable part of the organization where time bound partnerships between The Dais and the intern maximize the shared passion for inculcating co-curricular skills in students in a bigger way.

Please fill in the form HERE and the organisation will contact you with apt slots.


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