Name of the Intern

Shivek Sahai Endlaw, Amity Law School Delhi, Affiliated to GGSIPU, 1st Year

Internship Organization

The National Green Tribunal, Principal Bench, Faridkot House, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi.


Four weeks. 1st July – 31st July, 2016

What To Expect

An internship at the National Green Tribunal is one of the most suitable places to begin with, for a fresher in Law School.

Although you will come across many fellow interns who are senior to you, the NGT remains a remarkable place to learn, connect and hone your research skills in the beginning years of college.

On your first day, depending on the number of Students interning with you in that time period, you will be assigned a group based on the year you are currently in, and this will be your team for the following four weeks. An internship at the NGT can be broadly categorised into four learning Junctions:

(1) Learning basics of Filing and E-filing cases from scratch at the Filing Section.

(2) Learning how to assort and number the files in the Judicial Section.

(3) Preparing briefs/synopsis of  different cases by reading assigned files (You will also be allowed to listen to the proceedings in Court on the basis of which you will make your brief).

(4) Preparing research papers/ conducting surveys on topics allotted to you at the beginning of every week.

The Deputy Registrar of the National Green Tribunal, Principal Bench, Ms. Sheetal Sharma overlooks each Interns’ work at the end of every week, and offers guidance and support on how to go about each assignment.

Each assignment allotted to your group will be on a deadline basis which has to be strictly complied with.

All  work assigned will be easy to understand and complete, and will not require an expertise in Environmental Law. However, it is always good to be familiar with the basics.

For Example, make sure you go through the  Air Act, Water Act, Environment Protection Act and the NGT Act before you show up for your first day. It will help in your research and understanding the court proceedings a lot better.


The NGT provides a ideal platform for a law student to learn and connect with other law students from all over India.

It also gives you a taste of working in a professional environment, adhering to deadlines and first hand experience of observing the best litigators in Court.

The Tribunal also has a well equipped library which can be used by Interns after taking permission from the Deputy Registrar.


No Stipend is offered to any intern.

Working Hours

Monday to Saturday, 9:45 am to 5:30 pm.

Application Procedure

Click HERE.

Follow the link, or visit the NGT page available HERE and click on the Internship Program Tab.


Be open and communicate with your fellow teammates and interns. Keep your eyes and ears open for special opportunities that can come your way.

Don’t forget to carry your own stationery and a laptop if necessary!


  1. Bro, how do you get internship in NGT? In the application it is written that 3 to 5 year strictly. Please tell us more about the selection criteria and procedure to get internship in NGT.

    • Hey, just send in your CV to the address mentioned in the application form. If they have a few empty spots, they take students from the first and second year as well.

  2. Nice try at reviewing your internship. But, you should really learn to put more stuff in there like the locality. Nonetheless, it was helpful.

  3. Firstly, 1 – 31 is a month. Secondly, the one who wrote this article has probably not interned for that long to give an appropriate description of the workspace. The canteen there is horrible but you have various bhawans to go to for delicious food. Nonetheless you learn a lot.

    • Hi, as you said, I interned at the NGT for a month, so I have a pretty good idea about the ‘workspace’. I think the internship experience holds precedence over things like canteen food and Bhawans nearby.

      Thank you for your though!

    • Hi, as you said, I interned at the NGT for a month, so I have a pretty good idea about the ‘workspace’. I think the internship experience holds precedence over things like canteen food and Bhawans nearby.

      Thank you for your comment though!

      • Mr. Shivek, perhaps you need to hold back your emotions as I see you have posted the same comment twice. I understand that my criticism is not for everyone. But, thank you for your though!


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