Name. College. Year of Study

Surpreet Kaur. Faculty of Law. 2nd Year.

Name of the organisation. City

Mr. K.K. Venugopal, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi

How big was the office? Team strength?

Actually Mr. Venugopal has two offices, one in the basement of his house which is a small and comfortable place and the other, which is the new one is a whole separate building, just one or two buildings away from his old office with all the facilities and space one can imagine!

Mr. Venugopal basically has a team of five associates working for him with a whole separate clerical staff.

 Application procedure. Internship contact details

The application procedure is pretty simple and the response is very prompt. one can mail in their Cvs with a cover letter to and will receive an immediate response from his secretary. I applied for the internship on 1st August and next day I was interning at his office !

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

I interned there for a month and that is generally the maximum duration that they allow a student to intern. Office hours are generally from 9-9.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. 7 days/week but you get Fridays as half days.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

Since I am from Delhi itself I used to travel from my home itself but otherwise you can look up for a pg near AIIMs or INA which would be close or even near DU campus where you would have a lot of ‘in the budget options’ an since the metro line is direct from Vishwavidyalaya to Greenpark you will reach there in like 30-35 mins which is not at all bad in Delhi.

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

Since my First day was a Friday I got a half day on my first day of the internship itself. On the first day generally Mr. Venugopal meets his interns personally and hands them the reference required to make their Supreme Court pass for the whole duration.

After that everyone in the office leaves for the court and if you are lucky one of the associates might leave you there, otherwise you have to manage by metro . As such there are no formalities to be done. The clerical staff is pretty efficient and takes care of everything in advance.

Main tasks 

My main task in the office involved mainly research work. In the morning you are given the list of all the cases with their courtrooms that will be taken up and you are expected to be in each and every case’s proceeding and are supposed to note down all the details that you can.

Later after the court, when you reach office by yourself, you are given case files to read and later given a topic to research from that case file.

You are also required to attend the conferences that happen, that is the meeting with the clients when they come to discuss their case with Sir, of the cases that you are working on. Most of the work in this internship will require reading different case files and researching the topics given.

Work environment, people

Generally the maximum number of interns that are allowed to intern in the office are two and during my time I was the only one so it was difficult in the sense that there was no one to talk to as the associates will talk to you only when they will hand you the work, other times you don’t even exist for them.

They will not ask you if you had your break or food or inquire about your college or law interests or anything. In short associates will not talk to you at all so if you do not have any other fellow intern, its gonna be really tough. The clerical staff is pretty nice and will assist you in every possible way.

Best things?

Well, first has to be, working with Mr. Venugopal ( he is really sweet and always addresses his interns very politely) and the good amount that you earn as stipend which is generally Rs 8000 or more!!!

Bad things?

The travel that you had to do and that too yourself of going to court from office and from court to office and the fact that you get no reaction from associates for anything.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

Since I was alone I used make friends with other students that I used to meet in Supreme Court or used to carry on my studies in my free time. In the office you can go for a walk outside or get something to eat, the market is just 10 mins away but nothing else.

Stipend/ month

8000 or more

Anything else you’d like to tell

Its a suggestion that would benefit you a lot. Instead of coming to office at 9.30 in the morning and then collecting the list of that days cases and then running again to court, you can collect the list of cases on the previous evening itself and reach directly to the court which save you a lot of time and energy and the travel money!!! 🙂

Biggest lessons

I learned a lot about drafting from the internship, the basic structure of an SLP etc and since I did a lot of research, I’ll say that I became a little better in researching as well but I think for me, the biggest lesson would have to be survival..that I survived one month in an office without having anyone to talk to me! I think it made me really tough 🙂

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  1. Hello sir, I am BA LLB 2nd year student from Pune wanna opportunity for an internship with Mr.K K Venugopal sir can you please advice me what can I do for this internship

  2. hii…i m student of llb tyc…even i want to work under sir as intern…cn u plz advice me wat cn i add in my cv to get noticed easily?

    • Hello sir,I am BA LLB 2nd year student from Pune can I get oan opportunity to intern with Mr.K K Venugopal sir in month of June July should I get that opportunity to intern with them????

  3. Hi..I’ve applied for d internship along with CV and cover page I haven’t got any reply yet …so I want to know in how many days they normally reply ..plzz tell me

  4. Hey Surpreet kaur
    I had sent in my CV about a week ago, the secretary of Sir Mr. Pravin replied saying that the only slot available is of November. I re-sent my CV but as if now i haven’t received any intimation on the same.
    Is there anyways that I can get in touch with them?? any contact number

    Many thanks 🙂

  5. I wanna intern under Mr. K K venugopal in the month of July, 2015 , should I send off the CV now itself?
    Also does he entertain students who aren’t from national law schools?

  6. what ever Surpreet Kaur says is true,bt i just want to add some things which i have felt working here since it was my 1st internship i ws so afraid bt things went so cool here my seniors are like so good they teach u…and will help u if ur lost, and they hav increased the pay also the only thing is its not easy to get chance to do internship here people hav waited for like years.i was kind of fortunate cos i ws called within a month,an advice for u guys is plz keep ur CV and cover letter normal dont try to add things to show off (beleave me they wont take you).its like working in the heaven so much fun…so try ur luck guys.BEST OF LUCK
    and Surpreet Kaur for bringing me too such a good palce cos only afterur review i decided to com here.

  7. sir i am naveen kumar from bangalore , i have completed my llb 5 year llb decree cource from BMS college of law i am presently working with my dad . my dad is Senior council in Bangalore Advocates Bar association . He is expert in civil matters . i will be clade full if i get a opportunity to work with u for some time .
    with regards and thanking you
    naveen kumar

  8. sir my name pradeep kumar from amroha ,
    Sir mai bahut ummid ke sath ap se apni problem bata raha hu mujhe ummid hai ap jarur help karenge,
    Sir mery age 24 hai , ek female nej jiski age lagbhag 40 se adhik hai, mujhe phasne ke lye jhuta rape ka case laga dya hai , maine ajtak usko dekha bi nahi hai sayad usne bi aj tak muje nahi dekha hai usne age b meri 45 batyi hai,
    Sir jis tim ka ye jhuta case bata rahi hai us time me baha se 300 km tha ,
    Sir mujhe to pata b nahi tha ki aisa bi ho sakta hai jab ghar par polish ayi tab pata pada ,
    Sir mai or mere family bahut pareshan hai mera sari jindgi barbad ho jayegi,
    Sir plz mujhe bataye ki mai kya karu

  9. @ Supreet Kaur >> Very well pen down & described. Even I had the opportunity to work with the legend….though work ambience is gr8 but we intern are generally treated as an alien over there…. we never exist for the associates except the work…. But I cannot resist myself to say – Ankur Sir is the Best associate with the Boss Chamber … so the intern can have no worry … nd i was luck to have Co-intern with me which left no room for me to be all alone… best luck for the new intern…

  10. Most respectfully Sir,
    Myself Akhilesh Kumar, LLB(Hons) from law school BHU Sir i would like to work under your supervision.Sir i am extremely enthueistic to join law profession
    Sir please reponse me as soon as possible, i am waiting your response
    I will be thankfull for providing me this golden opportunity.

  11. Meghna pattnaik says;
    I’m B.A.LLB,4th year student.i have allied for internship in your farm ,so sir can u give me this opportunity from this may to jun.
    Thank u

  12. Hello Sir,
    I’m B.A.LLB 4th year student and i want to join your internship program,
    So Sir, can uyou give me this opportunity…

    Rajeev Singh

  13. hello supreet.
    i have got a chance to intern under this legend of legal profession.
    i will join on day after tomorrow, i have certain doubt before joining…….\
    could u please help me…………
    please give me ur mail id or contact number as much early possible…….


    • Parth they generally dont take first years but as I mentioned earlier they never have any slots open. it takes a year or two to get an internship with them. latest i heard was that their slots were full till jan 2014 so apply now so that ypu can get a slot with them around your 3rd or 4th year.

    • No u’ll get a cal or email from dr itself..although dr might be a problem of slots…they generally have slots full for a yr or so!! so kp ur fingers crossed 🙂


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