Internship Experience @ MP State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission, Bhopal: Attend Court Proceedings, Understand Working of the Courts

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MP State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission, Bhopal

Application Process with contact details

There’s no process as such. You just need to go to the internship officer of the Commssion, Preeta Ma’am, and submit a copy of bonafide certificate from your college.

Duration of internship and timings

I interned there for two weeks from 2nd February, 2015 to 16th February, 2015.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first day the same as every other day. There were no such formalities. The infrastructure is quite decent. There is also a library where you can sit for as long as the office is open.

Main tasks

The work throughout the internship involved two three tasks:

1. Attend the court hearings for a couple of hours to understand the working of the court.

2. Read a case file every day and make case briefs.

3. Submit a report at the end of the internship with the case reviews along with the critique of each and every case.

Work environment and people

There was no interaction with anyone except for the internship officers. If you are actually interested, you can go and interact with the lawyers there. There are always two to three other interns who you can chill with. Further, you are required to go in formals. Both western and Indian formals are allowed.

Best things

You get to see how the courts work at ground level. You get to observe the argumentation in the process and under the kind of situations that are dealt with under the consumer law.

Bad things

I did not really learn anything substantial from the internship. An internship can be considered to be good only if it provides opportunity to do intense research and interact with the authorities. Both these things were absent in the case of this internship.


No stipend.

Biggest Lessons

The only advice that I would give is to avoid such internships in you senior years of law school. An internship at MPSCDRC would help you to understand the very basic procedures of a consumer case and such internships are only advisable to a first year student you has never had a brush with the law and legal procedures.

Overall Rating



I am a resident of Bhopal so accommodation was not an issue for me. Even for outsiders, there are a number of hostels in MP Nagar area which is very close to the area in which the Commission is situated.

Office Timings

You are required to reach by 10 am which is a very convenient time. There is no restriction on the time when you can leave. You can leave anytime after you’re done finishing the work.


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