Internship @ Luthra and Luthra Law Offices, Delhi

Anonymous, 3rd year student

College: Seedling School of Law and Governance, Jaipur National University, Jaipur

Interned at: Luthra & Luthra Law Offices, Delhi

Duration/timings:  4 weeks, 5 days/week, 10 am to 7.30 pm ( (but if the associate wants he might call you on Saturday as well)

Procedure adopted for applying: Applied personally through e-mail followed by few calls.

Stipend: I heard from one the interns that Luthra and Luthra only provide stipends to law students form NLU’s and as I am from non-NLU law school stipend was not given to me.

Rating on 10: 9

The Office: Luthra & Luthra Law Offices has its office in Bharakhamba Road, New Delhi. It is a good place for work. There are many places nearby to see like India Gate, Indian Parliament and many more. The office is well connected with other parts of Delhi via Metro Train.

The Office Environment: The associates at Luthra and Luthra are very friendly, helpful and co-operative as well and are ready to hear you if you have any problem.

The entire atmosphere at the office is cool and friendly. All the teams  at Luthra are very chilled out towards the interns. Even the partner I worked under was very friendly and approachable.

Experience: My experience at Luthra and Luthra law offices was pretty cool. As I was working with Competition Team I was given mainly research work over competition law and the work they had was good too.

Most of my work was assigned to me by the partner and hardly any associate assigned me any work. I was working under the team over the matter of switching cost and related topics and I had also researched over the dispute between two steel companies which is related to competition law only. I was given only research and not any drafting work.

Whenever you are free you are allotted work from other teams as the associates are always in search of an intern for loosening their workload. However, the associates always ask if you have any pending work before offloading.

My overall experience at L uthra and Luthra was good and I would love to intern there again.

Accommodation: I have no clue about accommodation as I was staying with relatives. But some interns there were staying at nearby areas and told that PG’s were easily available.

Good Things: The best part was that the Luthra and Luthra’ office is situated in Connaught Place area and there are many places nearby to hang out and many food joints where you can have your lunch or can order and have in the office. The office cafeteria serves very good lavazza coffee (free of cost) and delicious food and snacks!

If you are staying back in the office after the office hours than you can order dinner from anywhere and the firm is going to pay for that and you’ll also be provided cab to your home.

The law firm is accommodated with good library which gives scope of good legal research.

This was published on 6 February 2011

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  1. Hi..actually I am just looking for some expert advise. I’ve studied L.L.B 3 years from Innovative Institute of Law, G.Noida and it comes under CCS University, Meerut. I’ve been working from last 11 years with BPO and studied Law while working as my situation was not like sitting home because of certain responsibilities. Sleeping for 2 hours a day continuously for 3 years was little hard for me, but I had no other option as I was focused towards my future. I really want to work hard and learn and want to work with a law firm where I can earn money. However, at this stage I am little confused between 2 different sectors, one being the Law Firms and the other being the LPO. I understand that if I work with LPO my BPO experience will be considered but I am keeping that as my last option as I want to do the real job of an advocate working with a Law firm.

    Based on this I have a few questions which if you could answer would really help me.

    Q1. If I can do internship with Luthra and Luthra where I am not an NLU pass out and will I get paid?

    Q2. Is there any chance that I can work with Luthra and Luthra after Internship as that has always been my dream? If not can you please guide me how I can make my career with a regular salary?

    I do not want to work with LPO as there is nothing to do with going to courts and learning practical things. But if there is no other option then I would have to accept it.


    • Dear Rahul,

      Before quitting the present position you have to think about the guaranteed monthly income. Analyze yourself once you joined any Law Firm how much money they will pay? What is your present pay? If you have enough money and need not worry about monthly income you can directly join in any office in your district. Commencing the law practice from Trial Courts is the best way. You will know Trial Procedures, chief and cross examination of witnesses, how to argue before Courts etc. To mould your career and to understand the filing procedures under various Acts you must have good working knowledge of C.P.C., Cr.P.C. and Principles of Natural Justice, where the Indian Evidence Act is applicable, where it is not applicable.

      At Trial Courts each and every Advocate may not give salary but you will know how to appear before Courts, you will get the guidance from your Senior if you maintain cordial relations.

      Practice at H.C and S.C. is different. Trial Court practice is limited to mere Civil and Criminal Laws. You don’t have opportunity to specialize.

      In another point of view .. think for a moment .. which Branch you like very much? where the relevant Courts are situated? what is the filing and trial procedure? What is the competition? Availability of Study material? If you begin practice on your own whether you can get cases or not? What support you need? who will support you? how to get the cases? In the initial stages no Senior allow the young Advocates or Junior to conduct cross examination of witnesses or to argue before Courts. To allow you it takes nearly 3 to 5 years that too your Senior should have confidence on you.

      Third option will be .. take leave for 3 months .. attend the Courts, observe the Court proceedings and understand the ground realities. Analyze on your own whether you are fit for Litigation practice or not? If not continue the same job, if you feel satisfied continue the litigation practice.

      If you don’t need guaranteed monthly income, Legal profession is the best one because of independence and individuality. If you have enough money you can pursue various latest Diploma or Certificate courses which are useful to your legal profession. Persons with independent thinking prefer legal profession. Once you wear black coat and gown your thinking will change. It is quite natural. It is not the question of money but professional satisfaction.

      To practice as an Advocate enrollment as an Advocate is sufficient. If you want to join reputed law firms, check their recruitment procedures. One caution … at present Bar Council of India is verifying the Certificate of Practice of Advocates to know who is practicing Advocate, non-practicing Advocate and fake Advocate as per the directions of Supreme Court. The said certificate of practice is valid for 5 years. If you avoid law practice you will be treated as non-practicing Advocate. As per Bar Council of India Rules, Advocate should not pursue other jobs or professions or should not involve active business partners. Of course, these restrictions are outdated but not updated. Globalization is opening new doors, yet Advocates are unable to understand those opportunities because of restrictions, lack of sufficient research and information.

      Fourth option : You can join Lawctopus course on blogging to use your computer skills.

      Precisely say, your best decision is depending on how much money you want to earn every month from this legal profession? If you want guaranteed monthly income don’t leave the present position or prefer to join LPO. Ultimately the best decision will be follow your CONSCIENCE. Listen what it is telling you. Relating to job or profession never rely on the opinion of others. Your way of thinking may be different from others.

      I wish your conscience will guide you. Use wisdom but not emotion while taking decision. Still confuse simply sit in meditation and observe your breath in and out and you pose question within about your future. Going on to meditate until you get the best reply.

      I don’t suggest to quit the present job without any clarity of thought.

  2. Sir
    I am a student of 4th yr (7th sem) of NUSRL Ranchi
    I wants to do enternship in your organisation (Luthra & Luthra) Pl help me

  3. Sir i am 2nd year law student pursuinG
    BA.LLB (H) looking for internship under your guidance in corporate sector please guide me sir i am evn not intrstd in any of d stipnds

    I am looking forward for Your Replyy
    Regards Prateek Arora

  4. I am pritam singh .BBA-LLB 1st yaer student from selaqui low collage.(uttrakhand technical university) , i intership (1 month )corpate secter in .law.plese right suggestion.for low firms .

  5. Anon,
    i don’t really bother about the stipend actually, if you could just tell me that do they provide internship to 2nd year law students too ?
    thanks !!

  6. This is sheer discouraging for people who are not from NLU’s
    1. Violation of Fundamental Right.
    2. If a Non NLU student is better than the one from NLU then what?
    3. Basically these people were not allowing any practical work (reference to clients) so what about that.
    4. Do they want to brand it as that we pay on base of “Brand” so be it (utter cheapness) i would say.

  7. it has been mentioned that you got internship through mailing the firm personally, could kindly further educate me on this , as in regards with the mail address to which u sent ur CV

  8. @ANON 2:

    Being fluent in a language doesnt mean that I attend a National Law School. It just means I put a bit of effort into what I type, and eschew sloppiness in my dealings with people!

    Cheers 🙂


    I cannot concede your point. Where is the equality? Different classes are treated differently. As such, it could be argued that graduates from NLS are a seperate class, and those from other colleges are a seperate class. At any rate, there is no violation of any right whatsoever. It is not your right to be hired by any law firm. It is not your right to be given an internship. It is not your right, once taken on as an intern to dictate terms in the matter of stipend. These are all matters for the sole discretion of the firm. Learn what you can, form the relationships that you can, and make contacts which will help you secure a job later. Dont waste your time carping on stupid things like a 5ooo rupee stipend!

  10. Anon 2, I am not from a National Law School. As a matter of fact, I am not even from a 5 year law school. I study at a “dinosaur” 3 year law institute, namely the Faculty of Law at the University of Delhi, if you must know. In fact, three year institutes hardly get a look-in from firms (though Law Fac at DU is an exception). But the larger trend is not what Anonymous was discussing. He was suggesting that some sort of fundamental right had been violated by Luthra not paying someone for an internship, which is patently not the case. Once you secure your place at a firm, you are not treated any differently if you are from NLSIU, CCS, or even Jhumrithalaiya U. So. Is there discrimination? Yes, in terms of recruitments. But can you blame a firm to going to the place with the best brand when recruiting? Who wants to pay top dollar for second rung candidates (Im not saying theyre second rung, but to the recruiter, thanks to all these Indian Today rankings and whatnot, certainly this impression is created). But no biggie. If youre an intern, youre there to learn, and those 5 or 10 thousand bucks shouldnt make you much of a differece.

  11. Prakash i agree with Anon 2 he is right on his point..if we cant encroach our fundamental rights then whats the use of making laws??…its really like a casteism ..equal opportunities and equal treatmwnt must be given to all..its everyones right……

  12. The most important than stipend is how much you get to learn with them like case studies, legal draftings,legal career exposure etc. are more important than stipend…if you get a good knowledge definetely you can earn more than what you get stipend there…there are many firms who dont pay stipend to interns while some of the firms ask you to pay them specially who are in the field of HUMAN RIGHTS working on non-profit basis…so dude chill stipend is not that important..important is what you can get to learn from them….hope you got my point..

  13. Prakash here seems to understand his constitution well !! Thalia- he must be from a national law school !!

    What he doesn’t seem to understand is the larger trend that ‘anonymous’ is trying to draw our attention to,- is the bias towards students of NLU’s that is so embedded in the Indian legal job market, that it denies an equally deserving student of other colleges a fair chance at a better future.

    A little like the caste system, one would think….this is something that makes Prakash special, and so suited for the law, and the study of fundamental rights, that he fails to acknowledge that fundamental rights can be encroached by private parties- through unpaid labor, and the loss of dignity in working for free, when someone in just the same position is treated better than you. While it is no doubt true that Indian law fails to provide a remedy for the same, since when did the absence of a remedy justify a wrong ?

    Pardon my bad English, I’m not from an NLU.

  14. Who cares about the stipend? If you are getting to intern at Luthra and Luthra Law Offices, you should shut your mouth and start working. This is one of the biggest Law Firms in India. Getting an internship here, itself is a privilege. Frankly i am shocked they even take in students other than National Law Schools. Lets face it students from NLS are trained in a totally different manner, the recruiters in the firm no doubt favors them. A NLS student is much trustworthy to a recruiter than a student from any other law college. It is sad but it is a hard fact. Anyways if you get to work here, i recommend stop complaining, make the most of it.

    A Non-NLS Student…

  15. Nonsense. In the first place, if you had studied your constitution properly, you would realise that by and large fundamental rights are enforceable against the state alone, and not against private parties. Secondly, even if you could enforce such rights against a private party, which fundamental right has been encroached upon? Art 14 rights constitute equality before the law. Art 16 rights concern equality in PUBLIC employment. Frankly, it is entirely up to the master to choose his cook. And if he thinks you arent worth a stipend, then he wont pay you one. And if you dont like it… well, noone is forcing to apply for, and attend internships. Feel free not to! In the final analysis, any law student who thinks “fundamental rights” are being encroached by non payment of stipend, probably is in the wrong field anyway. Law doesnt seem to be for you, my friend, if you think it is your fundamental right to be paid a stipend.

  16. This is a serious discrimination on istitutional basis that stipend are given to the students of National law university only. Case should be filled against them because this is a violation of fundamental rights. Equals should be treated equally and merely if they are studying in Nationals it does not make them special. After all they are studying the same degree and same course just like every other law school. WHen such disaparity and inequality will come to an end in India?

    • Proponents of stipend, tomorrow you guys are going to argue why x is making more than y in the same firm. That’s hardly justifiable and certainly not justiciable. Every employer attaches a certain degree of premium to the pedigree that his employee and by extension an intern comes from and is perfectly entitled to do so. You guys should be looking to work in a government job where there you get to make the same regardless of skill or background. Well, even there you might see classification…… ONGC recruit from an IIT gets a better deal than a recruit from say a regional college. Worst still some companies may not even consider to recruit at certain institutes. Are they then getting discriminated against? The answer is no.

      • What you are saying regarding “Why is x making more than y” is an entirely different circumstance. It is not just based on one’s college choices, Many other factors are attached to it.

        An entrance test can’t and shouldn’t decide your career, people who got in either studied too hard for it or took a year drop to pass the Entrance test, It doesn’t mean people who did not clear that test are “SHIT”, they just did not focus on the entrance test.. Period


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