Internship Experience @ Legal Knights, Delhi High Court: Draft Execution Petitions

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Krishan Gopal Agrawal

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Legal Knights, Chamber 403, Lawyers Block, Delhi High Court,

Application Process with contact details

In order to apply you just need to send your CV with a Cover Letter at and they will respond only when their is vacancy.

Duration of internship and timings

1st June, 2015 – 9th July, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I was a little afraid as this was going to be my First Internship as a law student. On the First day I was suppose to meet Mr. Anurag Jain at his chamber, I reached the office a little too early because Sir was not present at that time. There I met a junior lawyer, who I thought was a clerk at first besides the other two clerks/ peons. He asked me to wait for sir and after some time call him.

I was really impressed with the interior of the chamber as the chamber is very clean and properly maintained.Second thing that the best part about the chamber was the air conditioners, as it was the month of June trust me they were very effective. As expected from the first day I was only asked to study cases. I was introduced to the staff and other lawyers of Legal Knights.

Main tasks

As this was my very First Internship as a Law student I was at first asked to go to different courts and attend court proceedings and make notes. as the courts were suppose to close on 9th June 2015, I was asked to attend court proceedings every day and I was also accompanied by other lawyers or “horses” as our boss used to call them.

I was also asked to appear before the judges all alone, but just to ask them to either grant pass over as the main counsel was late or grant a date as the main counsel is not well and will not be able to come. After the courts were closed, I was mainly asked to read cases of Supreme Court and High Court. during the end days of my internship I was asked to go to Jungpura Office of Legal Knights.

There I was asked to prepare arguments, briefs, rejoinder, defense for cases. I was also asked to draft execution petition.

Cut Copy Paste work mainly as the Format was already prepared.

Work environment and people

Work environment was very good as all the lawyers and Staff was very helpful. You can also ask them a silly question and they make sure you understand the answer. Staff is very friendly but all they talk about is politics.

Best things

Work environment.

Chance to attend Court proceedings.

Yet the best thing was the Tea.

Bad things

Mainly recovery suits with just one Format copied in all cases.



Biggest Lessons

1. How to defend yourself from Recovery suits

2 . How to prepare arguments and other Drafts.


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