Internship Experience @ Legal Aid Services, Kolkata: Work Under the Guidance of Justice DK Basu

Name, College, Year of Study

Shilpa Chaudhury, KIIT School Of Law, 2nd year,

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Legal Aid Services, Kolkata, 20-30

Application Procedure

Send your CV on their Email ID.

After sending your CV, call at the main office to follow up.

Duration of Internship

My internship duration was 30 days i.e 20th may-20th June. But you can intern as per your convenience for 15 days/21 days/30 days or more than that.

First day Formalities and Infrastructure

The first day we were asked to read 5 cases and write the synopsis.

The work environment is not so strict so for the first timers Legal Aid Services is the best place to intern.

The infrastructure is moderate.

There are two offices.

The main office is on K.S Roy road near the high court and the other office is in Karnani Estate, Kalamandir. That is the main office of Justice D.K. Basu.

Main Tasks

Our tasks were to write the synopsis of 25 cases which were basically matrimonial cases and financial disputes.

We were asked to make a power point presentation of a bare act. I was asked to make the presentation on The Environment Protection Act.

After that I was assigned with drafting a financial dispute case. I got a chance to see family counselling process.

We got the chance of visiting Calcutta High Court, Family Court and Criminal Court.

Work Environment

Work environment is not strict at all. On top of that you will get the chance of working with Justice D.K Basu who will help you in understanding every nook and cranny of family counselling.

In legal aid services you will get friendly people who will not only help you in expanding your knowledge but also in your work.

Good Things

The best thing about legal aid services is getting the chance of working with one of the most respected judges in India i.e D.K. Basu.




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