Name. College. Year of Study

Sanjana Tikkoo, Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia, IVth Year.

Name of the organisation. City

Knowledgentia Consultants, New Delhi

How big was the office? Team strength?

2 Partners. They basically run the place with the help of the support staff. (It’s a startup.)

Application procedure. Internship contact details

I applied personally via e-mail and received a prompt response. The contact persons are Ms Aparna Jain and Ms. Harinder Narvan. I had sent my application to

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

4 weeks. 5/6 days a week (They may ask you to work on Saturdays. Depends on the workload).

Timings are 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Timings can be extended till the partners do not leave office. This, again, entirely depends on the amount of work assigned to you, and the urgency of its completion.

The partners were very sweet indeed. On the few occasions that I was made to stay back late, they either offered to drop me home personally, or made their driver drive me home.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I stayed at home. The office is a twenty minute autorickshaw ride away from my place.

For those who plan to commute over larger distances, I suggest the Delhi Metro’s Violet Line. Get down at the Kailash Colony Station. The office is a ten minute walk away.

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

After a brief introduction with the partners and other staff, I was assigned a workstation, complete with a Desktop, printer, et al.

Some research work was promptly assigned, and I was asked to familiarize myself with several IPR databases (USPTO, EPO, WIPO, JPO, SIPO and of course, the Indian Patent Office).

Main tasks

The firm mainly deals with Intellectual Property Law matters. The partners took a lot of personal interest in explaining everything in great detail.

Some of the tasks I completed included drafting and filing trademark applications and forms, preparing patent filing forms, drafting responses to trademark examination reports and making patent and trademark search reports.

I also assisted in drafting a patent application. This task involved some study of my long-forgotten-happily-discarded chemistry books and proved to be quite a challenge.

I was also asked to prepare an IP Audit questionnaire for corporate clients.

Further, I was asked to conduct research on compulsory licensing and several sections of IPR statutes.

During my internship period, the Firm had organised a workshop on “Identifying and Translating IP Assets into Business Profits” in association with FIEO. I helped organize the same.

Work environment, people

The best thing about this internship was the personal touch everything came with. Everyone was approachable and friendly.

I made several trips to the Patent Office in Dwarka for filing applications and forms. This served as an excellent opportunity to see a government office in its full, er, “glory”. These trips were mostly made with the Office clerk, and taught me more about getting a Trademark registered than any amount of reading or research could possibly have.

Best things

A lot of personal attention and practical exposure (as compared to what a bigger law firm would provide).

Bad things

No Stipend.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

M-Block Market, GK-I is a short walk/ rickshaw ride away. Although there were no co-interns in the duration of my internship, the partners took me out for lunch several times.

Advice for future interns: The pastries at Maxim’s, Kailash Colony Market are a must try.

Stipend/ month


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  1. I think everybody has the right to freedom of expression. And in the light of such right, the review has highlighted the desperate nature of whoever is trying to protect the already tarnished image of a law firm. I believe the conclusion of reading this review is “Do not join this firm for internship”. Thank you for clarifying on this review, as we know people change, so do firms. Maybe its no longer a good firm to work currently.

    • I had my internship with Knowledgentia during June, 2012. One year has passed, and I agree that a lot could have changed in that duration of time. But I would also like to clarify at this point, that neither do I have any personal connections with anyone at that firm, nor am I planning to work there in the future. Therefore, I have absolutely no interests in trying to either protect or tarnish the firm’s image. When I was interning there were no co-interns; that may have been the reason why I got so much exposure/attention. Yet, whatever I have written is my personal experience and there have been no fabrications. I enjoyed the work which was assigned to me and have written an honest review of the same. So kindly do not cast aspersions on the honesty of those who had a good experience while interning there.

  2. The review is indeed misleading. ‘Approachable and friendly’- that’s funny! I’d say the real scenario is quite the contrary. (First hand knowledge)

    • Hello Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, whoso ever u r, i really think the comments written by you are mainly out of frustation. Maybe all you wanted was a comfortable office to chat and sleep and then get the certificate!

      I also had my internship sometime back and believe me or not, I got the best exposure at this firm. the amount nd quality of work which i did at this firm was so great that i am planning to apply for a job at this place.

      The team is not only approachable and friendly, they are the most caring people when it comes to juniors. they are strict with discipline but they are certainly not unapproachable or nonprofessionals.

      as regards the above review, this is written is by a student with name and college, unlike you, who opted to be anonymous! do u really think that partners of a law firm, no matter which size, have time to actually do such things, for merely internshipts and students? if so then i must say GROW UP and GET A LIFE! the partners of a law firm or any other firm have far better things to do rather than writing reviews or blogs on a website which is mainly for students!
      there are positive experiences for some people and and negative experiences for some people for any given place. that does not give anyone any right to write such things about anyone.
      further, the most unprofessional thing is to anonymously post such things about someone.
      So stop defaming someone.. again i wud say go get a life !!!!

      • My dear ‘anonymous’ friend, you are right when you say some people have positive experiences and other, not so fortunate ones, have a negative experience at any given place. However, an opinion based on a negative ‘experience’ does not make it an untrue opinion and hence defematory. Defence of truth 🙂

        • Yeah, really so? Then at the same time, a positive experience by someone at the same place with same set of people actually makes it a great and wonderful place to work and learn in a healthy environment!!!
          none of the firm where I have been till now, send an intern along with their staff to actually see how things are in patent and trademark one even bothers to teach us the practical things beyond bookish knowledge…except this place…
          I would again recommend this place to any student who wants to learn Intellectual Property in depth and in practical way and who does not mind a strict place to work with no-nonsense surrondings……

  3. “The best thing about this internship was the personal touch everything came with. Everyone was approachable and friendly.”
    Is that review written by the partenrs’ themeselves!
    ighly highly misleading review. #SelfExperience

  4. heyy! I called them up after sending my CV, the reply on the phone- who are you? why should we talk to you? are you trying to interviews me by calling up?


    highly unprofessional response and a very rude tone of voice!

    • Most of the times people do forget the basic etiquettes when they apply for internship. The simple rule is, if they are interested they will revert. So no need to nag them on phone afterwards.

  5. well i have something else to share about them. Internship at Knowledgentia consultants could have been my 5th internship. I have interned at govt. organisations, middle level law firms and big law firms too and in every internship after receiving confirmation i was either asked to specify my work interest and what i want to learn during internship or they themselves told me what all opportunities of learning i will get during internship but to my surprise when i communicated the same to Knowledgentia consultants the reply i got is “Kindly find another place for internship”. This was really unprofessional on part of a law firm. Thankfully !!! i found some other place to intern where i will not only learn legal aspects but also professional ethics.


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