Internship Experience @ Kind Stubb and Kasiva, Advocates and Attorneys, New Delhi: Research Work, Loads to Learn

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Kind Stubb and Kasiva, Advocates and Attorneys, New Delhi, 20-25

Application Process

I applied through the college Placement Assistance Council, however, one may send his/her CV to Senior Associate Aslam Sir on with a nice, crisp cover letter.

Duration of internship and timings

June 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First impression was satisfactory, the firm has a nice office (two units) in DLF Tower A in Jasola which is hardly 2 minutes from the Jasola Appollo Metro Station.

There were no first day formalities as such. I went to the office, the Associate (the sweet one) introduced me to the whole team and the Partner too and I was assigned a PC to work on.

Main tasks

1. Prepare Written Statements, Reply and Written Arguments for Consumer Law cases.

2. Research on various issues in Consumer Protection Act, Arbitration and Conciliation Act and Negotiable Instruments Act.

Work environment and people

1. The Work Environment is pretty good, the associates and senior associates are very warm and friendly.

2. Nobody in the firm will show you unnecessary attitude and will help you wherever you need help.

Best things

1. Loads to learn in respect of drafting as the no. of the cases the Firm has do no involve huge sum of money, however, their quantity is huge.

2. Nice environment and free coffee.

3. If they like your work, they offer you free lunch too 😀

Bad things

1. The office is quite far as it is on the violet line of Delhi Metro which is not easily feasible if you live around other Metro lines.

2. No Court appearances.



Biggest Lessons

1. Work with perfection, even if it relates to the formatting of the drafts that you are making.

2. Don’t come late to office or leave office late, work within the stipulated time and enjoy your life too.

Overall Rating



I stay in West Delhi and the Firm is in Jasola, 1 hour of travel on each side.

Office Timings

10-7, timings are pretty strict, but they won’t scold you for coming late. However, don’t make this a habit.


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