Internship Experience @ Kale & Shinde Associates, Pune: Lectures, Practical Training Programs for Interns

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Bhise Vishwesh Vidyadhar

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Kale & Shinde Associates, Pune

Application Process

The application and selection process was through college. I and my fellow college mates had to submit our CV in the ‘Placement Cell’ of our college. Based on our academic performance, attendance for college lectures and extra lectures or seminars, overall sincerity we were justly allotted various esteemed law firms, lawyers offices, NGOs, etc.

Duration of internship and timings

1st June 2015 to 21st June, 2015 (Three weeks)

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Kale & Shinde is located in the vicinity of Pune District Court (Shivajinagar). The office starts at sharp 9:30 am in the morning. Me and my fellow friends who were allotted Kale & Shinde Associate’s office were called at 9:30 am in the morning on the first day. So we arrived there by 9:10 am. The office boy was not going to come on that day because of some personal problem.

We were amazed to see the senior most partner of the firm Adv. Vishal Kale himself arriving at 9:20 am and starting the day’s work. When you enter the office, there are several wall hangings with different quotes on them, especially intended for the clients to address them, for eg.

1. ” Take appointment to avoid disappointment.”

2. ” A lawyers time and advice is his stock in trade.”

3. ” We cannot guarantee that the decision in your favor, but we can guarantee sincere and dedicated efforts.”

There is a lawyer’s prayer as well which is meant for all the associates and other partners so that they start their day with positive approach.

The Kale & Shinde office is infrastructure wise well maintained and spacious enough to accommodate a staff of 50 people with a waiting area for clients,conference hall, rest room and personal cabins for partners. it is technologically well equipped with high speed access to internet.

On the first day each of us were subject to an interview with questions inquiring our academic qualifications, extra/ co-curricular activity’ experiences, purpose for which we are pursuing law and doing internships, present plans, future plans, etc. Then we were told to submit our identity and address proofs.

Such was the first impression, first day formalities, infrastructure at Kale & Shinde associates.

Main tasks

As I was only in the 1st year and hail from a traditional university, I did not have any law subject to study during my curriculum. But since I had been a researcher in a moot, I had an overview about how the research work works. Hence the normal office work for me included research mainly. Finding Case laws related to a particular issue, reading them and linking them to the matter in hand and briefing it to the associates mainly constituted my day’s work.

Apart from that, to get an overview of firm’s clientele and nature of work the firm does, we were told to read at least one case brief daily and to study the law relating to the issue in the case brief. To learn the procedural part, we were frequently taken to the courts and were taught where and how to register plaints and complaints, how the cases are allotted to different benches, how are the summons issued/ sent to various people, how the proceedings take place(Civil/criminal manual).

There were seminars held for teaching us how to read briefs, what points to consider while framing legal issues, how to understand a particular law, what to and what not to include in arguments, how to draft notices; plaints; complaints.

Such was the nature of the work at Kale & Shinde Associates’ office.

Work environment and people

The office staff is co-operative and helping.

Associates are warm and prove to be good guides when you get stuck up with a problem.

The Partners, Mr. Vishal Kale, Mr. Prashant Shinde and Mr. Hemant Shinde, despite of their busy schedules allot time for training and guiding the fellow interns.

Lectures, Practical training programs were held frequently whereby we were taught to draft notices, plaints, complaints. We were taken to courts along with the associates and partners to observe arguments in the open court and hence learn, sharpen our skills.

As the office is well equipped with a library of standard law books and legal database and technology and proper guidance, there is healthy and nourishing environment for any budding lawyer like us.

Best things

1. Punctuality of associates and partners.

2. Availability of resort when we get stuck up due to a problem.

3. Nourishing, Positive working environment.

4. Well equipped office both with legal substance and technology.

Bad things




Biggest Lessons

Though there are many but for the sake of brevity I have mentioned the following three:-

1. Hard-work, dedication, determination, sincerity always reap sweet fruits.

In context of the nature of efforts the associates put in each of the case.

2. Hard- work when pinned with smart approach makes us overcome difficulties faster.

In context of technologically well equipped office.

3. If a fruit is not eaten when it is ripe then it no longer tastes sweet.

In context of punctuality and timing.


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