Organization: Legal India (Advocates and Associates)

Legal India is a middle sized firm having offices across Mumbai.

Head Office: 

203 A, Elphistone House, Opp Sterling Cinema. Off Murzban Road, Fort.

Area of Practice:

The firm specializes in Criminal Law and has departments handling Civil and Arbitration matters.

Great opportunity for students wanting to enter the legal profession and want practical, on field knowledge of handling cases.

Minimum Requirements:

Part-time Internships

  • At lest in third-year (Five year course) or second-year (Three year course).
  • No prior internship experience required.
  • Please specify college timings

Full-time Internships

  • At lest last year of five year law course or three year law course.
  • No prior internship experience required.
  • Should be willing to dedicate long hours for work.

Junior Advocates

  • Should be a registered advocate under the Bar Council of India.


  • Please send in your resumes along with cover letter at under the subject “Resume for (specify position)”


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