Internship Experience @ Jaggi, Jaggi & Jaggi Attorneys at Law, New Delhi: Groom to Take Leadership Roles

Intern Details

Ishanvi Makhaik

Name of the Advocate

Mr. Navin Kumar Jaggi, Advocate


July 2016, Summer Internship

Application Procedure

I procured this internship via mailing my resume at this email address –

One should apply at least two months prior to the month in which internship begins. Also, watch your words and do not use them loosely.

My Internship Experience

I was fortunate to intern with Mr. Navin Kumar Jaggi in the month of July, 2016. This internship gave me the experience of how a person rises from more than average and above the ordinary. This internship was a total game changer for life.

I learned the importance of divergent thinking and felt the personality shift in four weeks. It gave a direction to my mental outlook, confidence in self and learned the art of dealing the uncertainties successfully. It not only honed my legal draftsman skills but also made me emotionally intelligent.

I reported at 10:30 a.m. and as he was busy with a client so he asked one of his staff to allot me with work.  After a while he called me in the office and we happened to share some fond memories related to prestigious Delhi Public School. The interaction was comforting as it was the first day anxiety.

I also met Advocate Hemant Arya who was highly cordial and cooperative, always there to guide the procedural part of law and took pains to explain every detail.  The chamber had a very positive and welcoming atmosphere, thanks to Mr. Jaggi’s staff.There were three co-interns with me at that time, from University of Delhi, Indraprastha University, Delhi and Amity University, Noida, who were warm, friendly and helpful.

During this entire period of internship, I researched on various facets of law like The Domestic Violence Act 2005, The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, The Electricity Act, 2003,The Human Rights Act, 1998, Constitutional Law and Administrative Law and took dictations from Mr. Jaggi Sir and made notes.

Initially research work was given on cases for hearing. Also, it was necessary to observe on how legal documents are drafted, plaints are prepared that are given in courts, how pleadings are made, how matter of facts are expressed and substantiated by providing relevant annexure, documents, and making oral submission and prayers in court.

The research work was not only to find case laws but also to learn the art of picking up the hidden interpretations or to create interpretations of various sections of laws that favour the case. The first assignment given to me was related to a case of a noble old man from England, whose case had been refused by over 1200 Lawyers from the United Kingdom and Europe.

I used to answer his queries through mails which required great patience but it taught me to read between the lines and to understand the psyche of the client so to deal the case in the best possible manner. This gave me the good time to master the art of Legal Draftsmanship which is not just legal writing but also to have the distinct point of view to connect and correlate every word that leads to legal understanding.

I attended a lot of Client Meetings which was my favourite, because Jaggi Sir’s convincing skills always left all of us spellbound. He was polite and generous to his clients and most importantly honest, which yet again proves the significance of good values and social graces are more highly regarded than ever, particularly when one is elevated up the career ladder.

I learnt a lot about human psyche in general which made me much more expressive in a precise manner. Application of laws is about learning the art of Legal Drafting, analyse and evaluate legal propositions and the ability to communicate the same in an oral argument in the most persuasive manner.

During the last week of internship, I finally got the chance to draft a legal representation on the electricity matter under the guidance of Mr. Jaggi. It sharpened my research and legal drafting skills because of the inputs given by them on every work I did for them.

I also attended court proceedings of District Courts and High Court by accompanying Advocate Hemant Arya. It is a realistic feeling when one is thorough with the case and witnesses that in the court.

The environment of the firm was professional and work oriented yet gave a homely vibe. Everybody was treated equally and there was access to hot and cold beverages all day long. The office timings were decent and Mr. Jaggi always prioritized our safety and comfort of reaching back to our places after work, just like a father.

Mr. Jaggi is the grandeur of knowledge as he can speak on almost anything and everything. One can really learn from him in every interaction, from current issues to the complexity of laws. He knows the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 and Administrative Law backwards and forwards. He knows all the words of wisdom that comes naturally to him, and you will be inspired to grow and prosper in every sense under his mentorship.

He is like an old British man who has the mastery of social graces with spectacular wit and charm. His persona oozes with positivity and optimism towards life. His proficiency in legal language is immense and he is very particular about formation of grammatically perfect sentences. It expanded my vocabulary to a great extent as I actually used many of the words heard from him repetitively.

Mr. Jaggi is a man of his words. Being polished, while remaining genuine and natural, is one of his many skills. This understanding developed a perspective which brought with it a respect and consideration for others, and also the ability to communicate with everyone and anyone to a whole new level. For someone of Mr. Jaggi’s stature, he is extremely humble, polite and not to forget his hospitality which is beyond comparison. His conduct shows, high ethical standards are a hallmark of legal profession.


I had an outstanding experience at Jaggi, Jaggi and Jaggi, what I gained in a month, would have been unattainable otherwise in the years to come. This internship will surely give you the foundation and the perspicuous picture of legal profession.


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