Internship @ J. Sagar Associates, Mumbai: Due Diligence Reports & Research; Stipend of Rs.1500 per Week

Name of the Organisation : J.Sagar Associates, Mumbai

Total Strength: 30 partners and approximately 60 associates

Infrastructure: Huge office spread across 3 floors in the fort area (one of the most active business areas of mumbai ), each floor has a pantry for employees. Excellent infrastructure.

Duration of Internship, timings: 1st August,2014 to 26th August,2014 (4 weeks) , Monday to friday : 9:30am to 6:00pm ; weekends are off at JSA but if there is work you have to come in.

Also you have to stay post 6pm if there is work but usually you can leave at 6pm and can come to office by 10-10:30am also.

The Associates are very friendly and do not encourage you to stay late hours in office if there are no strict timelines or if the work can be done from home.

Application procedure: One has to send a mail to, the subject like of the mail should mention the duration for the internship sought and the prefferred location. JSA is very prompt in replying but one should apply atleast 2 months before the desired time.

First impression, first day formalities: There is an orientation on the first day where Mr. Shariff, the HR introduces you to the organisation and acquaints you with the rules and regulations after which work stations are allotted to each intern.

The interns are also given a “welcome kit” containing a pen, pencil, a JSA notebook and sodexo coupons costing Rs. 1100 ( over and above the stipend)

Main Tasks: The main tasks are research based but if there is a due diligence going on, you get to be a part of the preparation of the DD report.

Sometimes the work is very clerical and sometimes no work at all for days, but when given, the quality of work is really good, the capital markets interns in particular get to learn a lot as they are involved in the main deal and are also taken outdoors by associates.

You have to keep asking for work from the associates on a regular basis.

Work environment and people : work environment and people at JSA are very chilled out. The Associates become your friends and even the work culture is very relaxed. its a corporate firm but they are not very strict in terms of there rules related to dressing etc (at least for interns)

Getting an extension of Internship is also not very difficult. one just has to speak to the HR and can get an extension.

Accommodation: I am from Mumbai hence accommodation was not a problem for me but if one is not from mumbai there are various PG’s and hostels in the adjoining areas of fort, Churchgate, Colaba and VT which are stones throw away from the office.

Best things : The best things at JSA is their relaxed work culture. Nobody is strict here and you can do whatever you want without anybody bothering you. Also the Sodexo coupons that you get are an added advantage. The office is very well connected to buses, railway stations and taxis hence travelling becomes very easy.

Bad things : Like all big firms, there is lots of office politics here and associates favor interns they like more than the other interns. Sometimes a single intern is swamped with work and another intern is totally jobless because he is not very friendly to the associate.

Stipend : 1500/ 7 working days

Recreation : we used to go to chill around the colaba and fort area during lunch hours. starbucks , mcdonalds and CCD are also in the vicinity.


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