Internship Experience @ IP Markets, Hyderabad: Understood the value of oratory skills in court proceedings

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

L Vani, V year, PG College of Law, Osmania University.

Name of Organization, Location city, Team Strength

IP Markets is located in Yeturu Towers, AC Guards, Hyderabad.

This firm is exceptionally good in all aspects of intellectual property. There are two main associates in the firm. One main associate Mr. Ashok Ram Kumar is specialized in IP related litigation. He has very good oratory skills.

The other associate is Mr. Vijay Kumar who is specialized in processing the applications for registration of patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs and geographical indications. Apart from the senior associates, there is a team of another 10 junior associates who assist the senior associates.

Application Process

One may apply for internship at least two months prior to his/her convenient time.

You may send your application to

Duration of internship and timings

1st July, 2016 – 30th July, 2016. From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On my first day, I reached office by 9:30 a.m. and then I was asked to sign one Non-Disclosure form under which the intern should ensure confidentially with respect to all the files, documents and any other things provided to the intern.

On the first day, at about 10:30, the senior associates reached office. Ashok sir has stressed on the importance of internship and told us to work with dedication. Then, I was asked to prepare a weekly report and to update it everyday. Later, I was allotted research work.

About the infrastructure, there is one room allotted for only interns to work in. Internet access is given to all the interns for research work. There is one conference room where the senior associates train the interns on important aspects of intellectual property.

Main tasks

Unlike other boring internships, here interns are not given a file and asked to prepare synopsis. In fact, on my very 1 st day itself I was given one substantial question of law and was asked to find out the position of law in that aspect.

Likewise, I was given various kinds of research work and over time I realized the importance of research.

Further I was also given drafting work. I drafted written statement, written arguments and various other things. I went to High court several times to observe court proceedings. I understood the value of oratory skills in court proceedings.

Also I have drafted a reply to the examination report given by trademarks registry.

Work environment and people

The environment created is very encouraging and friendly. The associates ensure that they build your skill and confidence. The junior associates are very helpful and kind. To describe the environment I can only say that I never felt the pressure in the office.

Best things

There are so many best things but to pen a few of them, I would say the way they build my confidence is one of them. I started believing in my work.

Also the day when I was taken to client’s place. On that day, my sir was supposed to communicate with Federal Trade Commission, United States regarding a complaint against the client. There was good exposure on that day.

The last day, where we all dined with associates and were sharing our views with the associates.

Bad things



Stipend given is by way of knowledge imparted. It is that knowledge which even money cannot afford to buy.

Biggest Lessons

I can say that I did not realize the importance of research before I interned here. But through this experience, I now know how important it is to do proper research to even turn a weak case into a stronger one.


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