Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Sanjai Gandhi, President, Intellectual Property Rights Attorney Association, Chennai. He works alone.

Application Process

I got the internship through the Placement Committe of my college and the place being Chennai only 4 people applied and they all got through.

I interned after having completed my 3rd year.

Duration of internship and timings

4 weeks- May, 2014

Mon to Sat- timings for guys- 10 am to 7 pm or 8 pm, and for girls till 6 pm.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

It’s a very small office and if more than 10 interns are present then its going to get really cramped up and sitting will be a problem as when we were interning a time came when there were more than 20 interns and no place in the office.

Also, there is no access to reearch databases like SCConline, Westlaw etc so your research becomes even more difficult to do. The internet was also an issue after a few days when more than 20 laptops were working.

Main tasks

Mainly you will be allotted to work on different projects and you might be asked to write letters to officials and drafting as such I did not get a chance to do, but there is work and lots of work but it’s not an internship I would recommend to you on the first go.

Work environment and people

There is only 1 person Mr. Sanjai Gandhi and the rest there were 2 girls who were I don’t know receptionist-cum-trainees-cum-interns or what.

The people were helpful, not with regards, the office work since they did not have a clue as to what was happening in the office but they were helpful in terms of telling us about the city of Chennai, food and places we can visit, etc.

Best things

The 1 day of every week where Mr. Sanjai Gandhi treated all to lunch and not just that, but everyday you got coffee, tea, biscuits or whatever stuff you wanted for snacks, which was paid for by Mr Gandhi himself and in the evening the same thing was repeated.

If you want cold drinks and namkeen you’d get that as well.

Bad things

Language is a problem- not just with the boss (he doesn’t usually have a clue about what you’re saying if it’s in English) but even in the city.

You will have to manage your way somehow by speaking broken English with people. Food is another issue.



Biggest Lessons

You will like it at first but 2 weeks into it and you just want to get out of it.

Any Other Thing

Go to beaches, chill out, go around and discover the city- it’s worth the effort.


  1. Hi friend,
    I came across your blog while searching for contact details of Mr.Sanjai Gandhi. I see that you had done internship under his guidance. I would like to have his email id/contact number. I am also an intellectual property professional and I am doing research work in Geographical Indications. Mr.Gandhi has been a pioneer in the field of GI and I am very eager to get in touch with him. It would be a great gesture if you could help me with his contact details. Here are my contact details: email- ; linkedIn profile:


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