Internship Experience @ InCourt App, New Delhi: Drafting and Researching Skills Drastically Improved {S}

Intern Details


Name of the Organisation

InCourt App, New Delhi

First Day. Formalities

There were no formalities as such with the black and white uniform, I was given a work station on my first day.


The infrastructure was good,there were many partners and a couple of interns, it was spacious as well.

Best Thing

The best thing about this internship was the excellent work environment and helpful associates.

There was enormous amount of work that was still at my disposal.

As soon as you reach office, you are welcomed by awesome filter coffee and then once you settle down the associates assigns some or the other tasks to the interns.

Drafting and researching skills drastically improved.

They take full care of improving the Vocabulary which is very much appreciating.

They gave the interns especially MANUPATRA operating trainning sessions.


It was completely performance based paid internship.


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