Internship Experience @ Human Rights Law Network, HRLN Hyderabad: Less Work, Free Time

Name of the organization:

HRLN, Hyderabad


4 weeks

Application Procedure:

I sent my CV and cover letter to

You can find out more about HRLN Hyderabad here. You can get their contact details here.

HRLN Hyderabad was my very first internship. Like every first year in my college, I applied for it as it was the ‘in-thing’, so to speak. I was extremely excited about it. I thought I’d get a lot to learn and a lot to work on.

And like some unfortunate first years, I was disappointed.


When I was texting my friends at Delhi, they all told me that the HRLN there made them work like crazy, and they had a great office.

So imagine my surprise when I went and saw a tiny building in a small lane in a city, which was thankfully opposite to the High Court: and we had a small apartment in this building.

This was the HRLN Hyderabad office.

I frantically asked all my seniors if it was worth it.


As an experience, HRLN Hyderabad certainly wasn’t worth the time. It was perhaps a one-off incident, but there was limited work.

Two other interns were there, and one of them quit in a quarter of the intended duration.

We were told that we would go and visit underprivileged people, persons with disabilities, squatters etc.

Make reports and draft PILs regarding their situation.

At the end of the internship, we had drafted almost nothing.

However, the best thing was that I developed a love for cooking and came up with a lot of recipes while ‘at work’ out of sheer boredom.

Best things:

If you don’t want to do any work at all, then please go to this place with immediate effect.

Also, there is a stall at walkable distance from the HRLN Hyderabad Office that sells excellent butter masala dosa near the office.

Worst things:

If you are looking forward to learning, do apply to HRLN, but not HRLN Hyderabad.

No stipend.


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