Internship Experience @ HelpAge India, New Delhi: See Suffering, Become Better

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

HelpAge India, New Delhi

Application Process

Contact them through their website : for internship opportunities. One can also contact the concerned person – Mrs Seema (HOD) –

Duration of internship and timings

4 weeks ;

9 am to 4 pm

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

When I entered the head office at Qutub Institutional area, I was amazed to see the infrastructure and ambience of HelpAge. I thought HelpAge was an Old Age home.

This first impression which many have is always a misconception as Helpage is not an Old Age home. It has a proper huge head office which takes care of it’s various actuaries.

My first day was really nice as I was introduced to the staff members and met Seema ma’am who was indeed very sweet. She allotted me my work and made a time table for me for the following week.

Main tasks

The major tasks I was allotted was visiting the field as field trips to different old age homes and age care centres with which they had tied up.

There was a lot to learn as I monitored different facilities which HelpAge India provided these old age homes and centres as an apex NGO.

Some of them include physiotherapy, monetary funds, counselling etc. making case briefs for Meeta Chaudhary (Lawyer) of cases she use to get. Also jotting down ones own advice for any say in the matter.

helpage india internship

Work environment and people

The work environment was good. People were sweet and often supportive. They could be contacted any time via mail; fax or call.

Best things

The best thing was time spent with the Lawyer. Mrs Meeta Chaudhary. She use to visit the HelpAge India Age care centre where she use to deal with any problems like domestic abuse, lease and pension, property issues etc faced by the old people.

She use to counsel them and take up their cases in court. It was interesting as every week new cases with different stories would pop out.

Bad things

There was nothing bad as such. But if HelpAge could stricken their rules and guardianship on the interns I.e trace and monitor their work, it would be better and more efficient.



Biggest Lessons

Social work is essential as it makes you come out of your own fantasied world and makes you hit the harsh reality outside where there are so many sufferings.

Also, one should respect their parents the most. It’s the most gifted and crucial task in life!


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