Internship Experience @ Global Legal Associates, New Delhi: Full Fledged Library in the Firm Itself

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Global Legal Associates, Patel Chowk, New Delhi

Application Process with contact details

You have to mail your CV to and they will revert back to you within a week.

Duration of internship and timings

17th November, 2015- – 17th December, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The firm was located in the backside building, Jeevan Taara of the LIC office, but it was a matter of 10 minutes to find it once you reach Patel Chowk metro station.

It seemed an overall nice place prima facie and since I reached office a bit early, as I was asked to, the office was only opening up for the day. After the arrival of the receptionist, I was made to fill up a form regarding the Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court passes, which was a really great thing since I do not have to stand in huge lines waiting for my turn to get a pass. Moreover, I was given some case files for already decided cases, since it was my first day and I had just been out of the first semester of my college. It was on my second day, that I was called upon to go to the courts, according to the cause list mentioned on the notice board in the firm.

Main tasks

You need to read the case files, go to the appropriate court for the same. You might be called upon to view the client handling and on some occasions, you might be called upon to research on some basic questions on law. There is always a file for interns kept at the reception whereby you can pick up some work purely assigned for interns like you for example researching on some basic questions of law which may not be related to any of the cases the firm is dealing with at that point of time.

Work environment and people

The firm is a big firm and as there are a number of associates, most of the research work is already done by them. Therefore, the workload is not much in the normal parlance and hence the work environment is a bit relaxed for the interns. Interns are not given that much work because most of the work is already done by the associates and the internship to be in its true sense, works out for you, in terms of giving you an exposure as to how a litigation firm works.

Best things

As mentioned above, the firm makes sure that each intern has all the documents to have his/her monthly pass to have access to the courtrooms in the Supreme Court and High Court, and no intern, in the process of getting into the line for making of passes, gets late for the cause list.

There were a lot of associates, so you can get some work in the firm, but you need to put up for it before the associates so that they can take the time out of their busy schedule to give you some work.

There is a full fledged library in the firm itself with every updated version of the research books on every subject matter covering the cases, the firm usually deals with.

Above all, since there is are a lot of associates, owing to less work for the interns, you get to socialize more with the people in the firm, including the associates themselves.

Rajan Sir is already preoccupied with the cases he has on hand, but apart from such a preoccupation, he takes his time out for conducting an interns meeting and allotting them some work to be done, either under him, or under an associate of the firm.

Bad things

There were no bad things as such


There was no stipend

Biggest Lessons

The best thing that has happened to me after interning in the firm is that, be quick in your approach to anyone, as the other person is also preoccupied with the work, but might not show you on your face. It is this interpreting of faces and reactions that will help you to rise up the ranks of the corporate ladder.

Another thing which I understood is that, perceive the negative things from a positive point of view, because everything has an other side. If you do not get some work in the firm, you can make it sure that there are many other interns over there whom you can socialize with.

Overall Rating



I had my relatives in New Delhi so I stayed with them, or you can easily find accommodation in New Delhi in Malviya Nagar, GK 1 or Lakshmi Nagar. It is the best part of the internship that the firm is located in Central Delhi and therefore you can put up anywhere reasonable, because there is connectivity to the center from almost anywhere around the city.

Office Timings

The timings for leaving the firm were relaxed. On some days, when you do have to visit the courts, your timings can get extended up to 7:00 PM and on a normal day, you can leave the firm by 4:00-5:00 PM. But the timings for reporting to the office were strict,10:30 AM in the morning.


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