Internship Experience @ Global Legal Associates, Delhi: Associates were friendly, but busy

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Global Legal Associates, Delhi, 25

Application Process

I applied through my CV and cover letter on the mail address that was provided on Lawctopus.

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Duration of internship and timings

1st July – 15th July, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Infrastructure is good enough, there is a library with good books and a computer lab for interns, there are two conference rooms for the interns, my first impression of the firm was not too good because the work that was given was quite inconsistent, initially they gave us a file to proof read, but later on when the associate came to the office, we were called for a session and we were given a completely different file to read.

We were not given any substantial work, there we have to go in search of work, associates don’t assign you with work, the work is mostly reading files and there is not much information given to the interns regarding the managers lined up in the court.

First day formalities: include filling in your registration and filling INA form for a month long supreme court and high court pass, which was not useful because till 15th we were told not to go to the courts as it was miscellaneous days.

Main tasks

Research work.

Proof reading of files.

Work environment and people

Its ok! The associate we worked under were quite unapproachable and too busy to give any substantial lessons in doing law in the corporate field. After the internship I ruled out opting for corporate law after my course.

Best things

The staff is good and other associates are sweet, there’s coffee twice a day, and it is very close to Patel Chowk Metro station, very viable

Bad things

Nothing taught to us about drafting.



Biggest Lessons

To find your own work! Nothing is taught voluntarily, much less spoonfed.


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