Internship Experience @ Global Legal Associates, New Delhi:Unlimited Coffee and Popcorn, Flexible Timings

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Global Legal Associates, Advocate Rajan Narain, Jeevan Vihar Building, 1st Floor, 3, Parliament Street, New Delhi. 30-35 associates in the office.

Application Process

I applied to with my CV and cover letter and received a reply with a confirmation the next day.

Sometimes they may call for a telephonic interview. However I was never interviewed.

Duration of internship and timings

3 weeks. If you want to get certificate, minimum duration is 15 days.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The Office was quite Impressive. It was well furnished and Equipped with computer lab, conference hall and library.
Everyone there was adhering to the rules. They sticked to their duties. I was asked to give my Student ID Card for making the Supreme Court pass, had to jot down my personal details on the interns sheet. Then we waited for Mr. Rajan Narain.

There was general introduction with Mr. Rajan Narain and the fellow interns. To me he seemed to be a little strict.

Main tasks

Initially I was given some file to read along with a notepad and pen by the receptionist.

Then I was asked to attend the court proceedings in various criminal matters in Supreme Court, High Court and Family Court and assist the associates in research work.

Other tasks involved attending court proceedings, going through case files and research work.

Work environment and people

Associates are very co-operative. You also get to have coffee and popcorn as and when you like. Some scolding from Mr. Rajan Narain is part of daily affairs.

He is actually the STAR of internship. His dressing sense is out of the world.

But make sure of one thing that whenever you enter Mr. Narain’s office, you should always have a pen in one hand and notepad in the other.

Best things

1. Refilling System of Popcorn and Coffee.

2. Flexible timings

3. And the WIFI (otherwise very difficult to pass time)

Bad things

1. Hardly any work.

2. Cold and rude behaviour.

3. No stipend.



Biggest Lessons

Never intern alone.


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