Internship Experience @ Vaish Law Associates, Mumbai: Rs. 5000 Stipend, Work Environment Rated 10/10

Name, College :

Deepika Bahirwani
3rd year, Institute of Law, Nirma University

Name of the Firm, About the Firm :

Vaish Law Associates, Mumbai

Vaish Law Associates is a Corporate, Tax and Business Advisory having offices across the country. The Mumbai office is located in Peninsula Centre, Parel, which is easily accessible from the Lower Parel station. The firm has a decent library and a separate lunch space to accommodate 4-5 people at one go.

Duration of Internship :

4 weeks

Timings :

10 am – 8 pm

Team Strength :

Around 25-30

Application Procedure :

To get an internship at the Mumbai office, one may email their CV to Mr. Siddharth Dang at and may expect a reply within a month.

Editor’s note: Please do NOT send your CVs en masse to the above email ID. First see if you really want to intern at this place and then apply with a customized CV and cover letter.

First day, formalities :

On the first day, I was introduced to the entire team and assigned a mentor. I was assigned a workstation with other interns and the remainder of the day was spent gradually understanding the work culture of the office.

I was asked to maintain a record of all the tasks I undertake during the course of my internship in form of a worksheet, based on which, the performance of an intern is assessed, and subsequently the certificate is prepared.

Main task :

I worked mainly with the litigation team and tax team. The work was mostly research based. I got an opportunity to research on varied topics for the litigation team, along with a tinge of drafting a legal opinion and a public notice.

The tax team mainly assigned tasks relating to looking up case laws and preparing case files.

I was also assigned the task of filling up compliance forms under the Companies Act for various companies.

Work Environment, People :

People at Vaish are extremely welcoming and friendly. The associates, whether senior or principal, are always more than happy to help.

Most part of my internship I worked under the Head of Litigation at Vaish, Mr. Melvyn Fernandes. He is the sweetest and the most patient person one would come across. Always there to explain the legal problem, an extremely soft-spoken person with amazingly sharp brains.

Mr. Siddharth Dang, who is in-charge of internships, from the very first day makes sure that the interns are comfortable and was always around in case we faced any problems.

10/10 on the work environment.

Good Things :

Vaish Associates does not take more than 4-5 interns at a time, which makes it easier for them to assess each intern based on his / her work. A plethora of interns does good to neither.

My internship was during the Diwali season and all of us received a Diwali hamper for the same. The lunch timings were flexible and we ordered food from outside at times.

The office of Mid-Day was in the same building and hence, there is some or the other celebrity always in the same building as you. Celebrity spotting was a common sight in the premises.

Bad Things :

There was hardly anything that could be termed bad about the firm as such, but there was very restricted interaction with the partners of the firm.

The Best Part :

I had an amazing set of co-interns and trust me, they make your life easier at work! Be open to making friends and you have the best people around 🙂

Lessons Learnt :

Do not shy away from any responsibilities coming your way. Always be ready to take up any task and let your work speak for you.

Stipend :

Rs. 5000


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