Internship Experience @ Unity Legal, New Delhi: Big Library, Approachable Associates


Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Unity Legal, New Delhi, 9-10.

Application Process

Send in a mail to the office at the following address with your CV at

Alternatively you can also call them and get more information.

Duration of internship and timings

I did my internship staring in the month of December (2 weeks demo) 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. from Monday-Friday.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Everybody in the office is very friendly and warm, and the first day generally goes with you introducing yourself to the whole team and getting comfortable with the whole team.

As an intern, you also get your own place to work so there isn’t a problem of you taking turns to use the computer of one of the officials.

This really helps cause each person’s way of working on their PCs is different and you can use the assigned computer to do your work your way.

The office also has a big library full of latest copies of bare acts and mostly all other kinds of books that you might need during your course there.

Main tasks

The tasks given are mainly researched based tasks.

Right from the first day after introductions are over any person from the office can give you a task and at the end of the day before you leave, its better you inform the person who assigned you the task about what progress you have made and send them the relevant material via mail.

Also you might get the opportunity of filling up legal forms, write legal notices and other documents which gets you closer to the practical approach and helps you learn how to communicate legally.

Work environment and people

Cordial and warm, it almost feels like you are working and not just an intern there which makes you feel really wonderful.

Also the whole team in itself is a like a family.

Everybody knows everyone and each is a friend to the other.

But at the same time everyone was professional and punctual when it came to their work.

All the permanent employees are always ready to help you when you approach them for help and make you understand things that you want to in a very easy and fun way.

Best things

One of the biggest perks is the tea that you get every morning.

This counts especially if you are reaching the office after some travelling and its winter.

And also no sites are blocked, but once you start getting tasks, you really don’t feel like checking out your social networking sites every few minutes.

Bad things

The office is in basement so you will have a bit of trouble with cellular networks, but its good in a way that you can completely concentrate on your work.



Biggest Lessons

Being a first time intern I learnt that civil side of the law also has many interesting things to learn and amuse you.

The amount of hard work that goes into working hard and putting up your case is tremendous which will ultimately give you the self satisfaction of actually having earned your bread.

Also the experience improved my researching methods and after the internship I have surely become better at researching than I was.


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