Internship Experience @ Chambers of AOR Zoheb Hossain: I never expected to enjoy tax law so much

Hello, my name’s Shafali and I am a third year student at the National Law University, Jodhpur. I would like to share my internship experience with my fellow aspirants mainly because tax law surprised me.

Where, when and how I applied: I interned in Sir’s chambers for a period of one month in Decmber, 2016.

His office is located in GK-I, at a walkable distance from the Kailash Colony Metro Station.

I stayed at a PG right opposite the station. Working hours were ideally from 9:30 AM to 9 PM, with breaks in between.

You can apply for an internship with Sir at hossainzoheb[at]gmail[dot]com and expect a reply within a week.

Please note that Sir accepts a maximum of 4 interns at a time and I was lucky to have gotten it.

The team: Sir had three Associates working with him when I interned there. The office boy and driver were friendly and nice people.

Sir’s chambers is a beautiful, quiet place to work in. We were served tea at least twice a day, despite staying out at Court for the most of it.

What I did: Sir, along with appearing for cases he takes on his own, works as an advocate for the Revenue Department.

I did a lot of research on provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961. My co-interns and I usually used to meet at the High Court at 10 every morning and once the matters for the day were done, we used to either move to the Supreme Court or back to the office.

I experienced what litigation is, its pros and cons, how it might pan out in the future, et al. I usually went in on Sundays too but interns don’t have to.

My co-interns and I were given practical work. We were not just made to sit behind a desk the whole day. I learnt the following while working there:

  1. Electronically filing cases in the High Court’s e-library.
  2. Differentiating between the three kinds of cause lists outside each Court Room.
  3. Understood how efficiently scouting can be done.
  4. I wrote a paper on the Opening of Reassessment Proceedings under s. 147 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 since most of the cases the Revenue fought for were regarding assessment proceedings.
  5. Sir also filed a pro bono case in a CLAT petition, in a sexual harassment petition under POCSO and a divorce petition.
  6. There was also a lot of drafting work, mainly case briefs (not the simple, but reading-100s-of-pages-and-compiling-them-into-under-20), special leave petitions and ITAT Appeals.

My first day was eventful because I distinctly remember that new work turned up and we had to stay later than 9PM and Sir offered to buy us dinner.

Best parts: This internship will always be dear to me as it was during this time that I visited the Supreme Court for the first time.

Also because I never expected to enjoy tax law so much. The M-Block Market is just 5 minutes away and has a variety of food joints.

I used Swiggy and FreshMenu for the best offers though. I was also given a stipend, for which I am ever grateful.

Finally, I would like to share that this internship helped me lean towards taking an interest in tax law, which I never though I would have ever pursued.

You will love interning there only if you take your work seriously, and I am not just saying this. Sir appreciates hard work and guides you when he feels you’re lacking somewhere.

His constructive criticism made me realize where there’s scope for improvement and how I can achieve it.


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