Internship Experience @ Sinha & Company Advocates, Kolkata: Flexible Timings, Intra Firm Moot

Intern Details

Pathik Choudhury

3rd Year, School of Law, KIIT University



Sinha & Co. Advocates

5 Kiran Shankar Roy Road, Kolkata :-700 001

Application Procedure

You need to mail your CV along with a Cover letter to

You need to apply well in advance as they don’t take many interns at a time.


1st June to 21st June, 2016


Monday to Friday: – 10 am to 6 pm

Saturdays: – 10 am to 4 pm

First Day Formalities, First Impression

I was asked to report to the office by 9.30 am. I was asked to sit and wait in a room along with few co-intern. At around 10 am the Sr. Executive- HR called the interns one at a time in her office and asked us about our area of interest, the law subjects that we have studied in college.

On the basis of my knowledge and area of interest, I was assigned under an advocate, Mrs. Shrayashee Saha. The interns are given a separate place to sit and do their work. Interns should carry their laptops to the office, as there is only one desktop in the room where the interns sit and that might be a problem if you and co-intern need to use it at the same time.

Main Task

The kind of work the interns gets completely depends on the advocate under whom the intern is assigned. I was lucky to get a senior who was really helpful and assigned to me good quality work. Works assigned to me included research and drafting work.

I was asked to research on various topics such as Arbitration and Conciliation Act, Indian Penal Code 1860, Code of Civil Procedure, SEBI and Companies Act 2013. I was also asked to draft petitions related to Arbitration matters such as Section 34 setting aside arbitral award and Section 9 interim relief. Interns were also sent to Calcutta High Court with the advocates to observe court proceedings.

Work Environment

All the advocates and other employees in the office are very nice, helpful and approachable. The senior under whom I was assigned was really nice and helpful. Whenever I faced any problem or had any question, I could easily approach her for help.

Best Things

Every month the law firm organizes a moot court competition for the interns. They divide the interns into two teams and the moot court competition generally takes place in the last week of the internship. I got the opportunity of participating in the moot court competition and was a part of the winning team.

Good collection of books in the library.

Flexible timing.

Bad Things



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