Internship Experience @ SatyaVidhi & Company, Vadodara: Learned the Practical Aspects of Civil Law

Intern Details

Maitreya Shah

Internship Location

The SatyaVidhi and Company, Vadodara

Team of Advocates

Advocate Avadhoot V. Sumant, (Advocate-Head) and a team of about 8 Advocates)

Application Process

Telephonic Conversation, and a personal meeting before joining.

Internship Duration and Timings

Date: 30th May, 2016 to 25th June, 2016

Time: 10 am to 7 pm.

Infrastructure and First-impression

A well-designed office, with a comfortable environment.

Work Undertaken/ Experience

Participated in the client counseling and drafting sessions, visited the Vadodara Civil Court, and participated in important discussions pre and post court-hearings.

It had been a great pleasure, and an awesome learning experience at the SatyaVidhi and Company, which’s one of the leading Civil-side law-firms of Vadodara.

Advocate Avadhoot Sumant’s great pool of knowledge and his working-style are the 2 most remarkable features of the SatyaVidhi and Company. Apart from his qualities of an Advocate, he’s also an academician, with a command on arbitration, mercantile laws, among others. He’s one of the few established commercial-side arbitration lawyers of Gujarat.

Apart from the practical knowledge received, one also gets a chance to learn the most important aspects of the Civil Procedure Code, Contractual relations, among others.

They also have a sister-firm, The SatyaNiti and Company, which’s a corporate-law firm.

Work Environment, People

It has a decent working environment, with a helpful and friendly staff.



Any Other Thing

Highly recommended to law students who wish to intern at a good place in Vadodara.


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