Name of Applicant and College

Sangha Shree Nath, studying in third semester in National Law University, pursuing BA LLB (Hons).

Application process

I got this internship with the help of a senior studying in my college. But one can simply send their CV with cover letters at this email address- or to get an internship. This was my second internship in Delhi.

Duration and timings

One month. Office hours were from 11 am to 4 pm.

Kind of work

The head of the office is Mr. Anil Panwar who is a Government counsel and he practices in Delhi High Court and other courts.

I being a first year student was mainly given case files to do a thorough study including criminal cases, civil suits, cases related to real estate, consumer dispute, etc. Also, research work is assigned as per as requirements.

The Best Part

All the interns had to attend the court proceedings in the honorable Delhi High Court, districts courts, National Consumer Dispute Commission, NGT, DRT, BIFR. Mostly, they are supposed to get a case study before attending the hearing.

One gets to learn what the legal profession actually is, which our classrooms and books fails to explain properly.

Work Environment

The work environment is very friendly and encouraging. One can always ask the seniors about the doubts, and it is kept in mind the interns are not without work.

There we had our lunch together which was often accessorized by Sir’s piece of advice, sharing experience.

Biggest Lesson

It was like a bag full of inspiration and motivation. It helped me to understand whether I would like litigation as a career in future or not.

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