Internship Experience @ Orissa Human Rights Commission, Bhubaneswar: Research Work, Practical Training

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Sabyasachi Patnaik

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Orissa Human Rights Commission, Bhubaneswar, Team strength: 3

Application Process

Procedure of application to Orissa Human Rights Commission:

1. Go to the official website of OHRC.

2. Go for internship programmes.

3. Mail them one letter requesting to join their organisation as an intern, on their given e-mail address.

4. On their due approval along with the assignment of time period of internship, get one recommendation letter from your institute signed by the authority in charge and submit it in the OHRC office(hard copy of recommendation letter preferred).

5. Join the internship programme on the assigned date.

Contact details: OHRC office, Toshali Bhawan 2nd floor, Satya Nagar, Bhubaneswar- 751007

Duration of internship and timings

Orissa Human Rights Commission : 25th May, 2015 – 12th June, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Orissa Human Rights Commission: Since its a state government commission it turned out to be exactly the way I thought about it. Clean furnished and red painted building with a national flag fluttering high above. Cleaner and disciplined as well.

The first day impression was you have to watch your words and actions since you are tactfully cross questioned by the honourable justice, at every step of yours. First day formalities will be the same till the last day of the internship. Get to the court room prior to 15 mins before the commencement of the court proceedings and sign up in the attendance register.

Be in your evergreen uniform of black pants and white shirt (blazer is appreciated). Carry a criminal manual a bare act of the constitution of India and a notebook. Infrastructure is all good, adorable and satisfactory.

Main tasks

1. To do extensive research on case files and the types of cases which can come under the ambit of OHRC.

2. To note down your own decision or conclusion whichever you think is fit and appropriate according to you.

Work environment and people

You have extremely supportive staff there who are going to help you out at each step. Most important, the honourable justice is one great personality who will be of greatest help to you throughout your internship period.

Best things

The honourable justice will make you experience a whole lot of things there. Comedy, knowledge, discussions, cross questions, and lot more. That’s the best thing about the internship in OHRC.

You get to know a lot many things within a short span of time. And those people having a special interest in the criminal studies as well as the human rights studies its just the perfectly right place for you folks.

Bad things

Sorry folks my motive and aim in each internship was fulfilled in a way more than I have ever expected. So no bad things to say about any of the organizations.


No stipend at any of the organization.

Biggest Lessons

1. There are innumerable things to learn on the practical field of legal studies. May it be criminal or civil, the vastness of the field will stretch beyond infinity.

2. Secondly you learn how to work practically going beyond textbooks and exams and semesters.

Any Other Thing

Being students pursuing law as a career it is the first and foremost duty not to limit ourselves to the textbooks. Beyond the textbooks lies a world of reality and practicality. We need to explore that and gain as much as we can tirelessly and putting into it all our hard works.

Internships are just another medium for us law students to increase the exposure of ourselves to the outer world of legal studies and practical field of work. May it be courts tribunals, commissions, etc. Learn anything everything you can.


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