Internship Experience @ Markos & Co, Bangalore: Friendly & Approachable Associates, Rs 3000 Stipend


Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Markos &  Co., Bangalore.

There are 4 partners and 6 Associates.

Application Process

Send in your applications to

To access website, click HERE.

They do not take more than 3 interns at a time, so apply well ahead to catch the worm.

They are prompt and reply within a few days.

The badger-till-they-pick-up-the-phone technique is unnecessary here.

Duration of internship and timings

I interned for 4 weeks, in the month of December.

While the partner comes by 9:30 AM, the associates trickle in by 10 AM.

Office shuts around 8PM but interns are allowed to leave early as 6 PM if you have completed your work or live far away.

The weekends are strictly off!

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Defence Colony, where the office is located, is a beautiful maze but a maze nonetheless.

It is advisable to come a little earlier to figure out which one of the 500 approach routes best suits you.

The office takes up the first floor of the building No. 284. It is small and cozy with a kitchen stocked with biscuits and a nice coffee machine.

The partner is very nice and puts you at ease; he is the first to arrive in the office after the cleaning staff.

On the first day we signed an internship agreement. We were given some research work on the first day by the partner.

Interns sit in the conference room and must bring their own laptops. You are expected to wear formals – Indian or western.

Main tasks

Markos and Co is a corporate firm and handle a few big companies.

When I interned there, interns had to assist in drafting a lot of legal notices, and formulating replies to company related labour law issues.

This was very interesting especially if you have done or are about to start studying Labour Law in college. They also had us research on company law, state specific land law and contract law.

Work environment and people

If your last internship was at a typical cut throat corporate firm, this firm is a pleasant shocker.

The associates are friendly and approachable.

They don’t treat interns as free labour and for the most part gave us interesting work.

There was no mountain of work waiting for interns but they expect you to behave as responsible adults.

At the end of the day we would speak to the partner who would ask us what we had worked on and what we had learnt from it.

Best things

Markos and Co allows you to get about your work without the feeling of being a useless lump.

They do not dump piles of due diligence because they can.

We didn’t need aggressive deadlines to complete our work on time.

I enjoyed being able to interact with both associates and partners freely and being responsible for my own work.

The whole office goes out occasionally, and we went to TOIT! I don’t think I need to express my feelings about TOIT.

Also, FRIDAYS ARE THE SLOWEST DAYS! I still don’t understand how this works.

Bad things

There was nothing significantly bad here.

We did have a few boring days because we didn’t have much work.

Nothing unpardonable though.



The partner himself gave me the cheque and it felt great, especially because we worked thinking we wouldn’t get paid!

Biggest Lessons

That corporate law doesn’t only mean selling your soul.

That no matter how hard you try, there is no circumventing the traffic on Old Madras Road.

Any Other Thing

Guys, I’m not sure if you know, but Indiranagar is a brilliant part of Bangalore!

There are millions of cutesy cafes, restaurants, bars, and clubs off every street here! There is a nice karaoke bar somewhere close.

If your wallet is pinched, walk around and you will find Anand Bhavan and other smallish restaurants that serve yum food. Also, M.G. road and Koramangala are close by.

Also the tiny bakery next to office has great egg puffs.

Plan your weekends to accommodate a ride to Nandi Hills.


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