Internship Experience @ Law Offices of Divya Bahl, Mumbai: Good Work, Supportive Environment, Stipend of Rs. 5000

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Alysha, Mumbai University,

Name of the organisation, Location (city), Team strength

Law Offices of Divya Bahl, Nariman Point, Mumbai. The team comprises of 5 Associates and Mrs. Bahl

Application process with contact Details Law Offices of Divya Bahl

Phone No. : 022 2204 7068
Address: 301, Dalamal Towers, Free Press Journal Road, Nariman Point, Mumbai-21

Duration, Timings

The duration of the internship offered is 1 month, on completion of which, interested interns can apply for extension. Interns are called 5 days a week (weekends are off) and the working hours are 10.00 am to 8.00 pm

First impression, First day formalities, Infrastructure

The Firm is located at Nariman Point which is easily accessible by buses and taxis from CST or Churchgate.

The Office space in itself is spacious and comfortable seats the 5 associates who work with Mrs. Bahl and Interns work from the conference room. On the first day I was asked to wait in the conference room by the office manager and thereafter we were introduced to the associates and Mrs. Bahl.

There were no technical formalities that were required from us and we were made to feel very comfortable by all the associates, which was a pleasant change from the other firms that I have previously interned in.

Main Tasks

We were allotted varied tasks from research work and drafting to assisting the associates to court. I had to maintain a time-sheet which had to be updated everyday for the work done during the day.

Tasks/ work are assigned to interns by any of the following two ways:

i. Either Mrs. Divya Bahl assigns work directly to the interns or;

ii. Or every intern is assigned to an associate who then disseminates work to his/her respective intern

Work environment, People

Essentially a corporate law firm the work environment is extremely professional and deadlines are of utmost importance.

The Associates and Mrs. Bahl were accommodating towards our lack of experience and the best part was that in the event an intern made a mistake of any kind, he/she wouldn’t ridiculed in any manner, rather the associates would take out time and explain to us what the right way would be to tackle the matter at hand.

The overall environment in the Firm was very helpful and friendly.

Best Things

The best thing about working here would have to be the fact that one got to spend time working on matters directly with Mrs. Bahl who herself is a fountain of legal and corporate knowledge.

Even simple conversations with Ma’am would be very intriguing and insightful with respect to the legal fraternity and life in general.

By the end of my internship I realised that the work culture at Law offices of Divya Bahl wasn’t stagnant or dogmatic like other firms tend to be, rather creative and alternative ideas on issues were encouraged and discussed at length.

Bad Things

Sometimes we had to work very late hours.


Monthly interns are paid stipend upto Rs 5000. Permanent interns can get paid upto Rs. 10000.


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