Internship Experience @ K & T Law Offices, Delhi: Learnt Broadcasting Laws, Visited TDSAT and Delhi HC

Name, College, Year

Palak Sharma, Third Year, School of Law Sharda University, Greater Noida

Organisation & Address

K & T Law Offices, 10 Babar lane, Babar Road, Bengali Market, Delhi – 110001.

The nearest metro station is Mandi House. Nathu’s and Bengali Sweets is 5-7 mins walk.



Main Tasks

Separate cubicles were assigned to the interns. Interns were introduced to the associates.

I completed several research assignments on broadcasting, domestic violence, interim maintenance matters. Apart from it, I also drafted written arguments and written reply for several cases.

I also wrote an article on “The Current Scenario of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code”.

The work environment is cool. I was given sufficient time to grasp the broadcasting laws. I got the chance to visit TDSAT. I also visited the Delhi High Court.

The associates were very helpful. One could reach out to them if you are struggling somewhere in your work. They do not expect every intern to be a pro, but yes, they want quality work. They acknowledge your work. This is helpful as you will know the areas where you are lagging behind. And, one thing which I learnt was that the key to get noticed by everyone is to do quality work.

Overall, a good and knowledgeable experience if you are willing to learn.




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