Intern Details


Name of the organization. City

KS Legal and Associates, Mumbai

About KS Legal and Associates

KS Legal and Associates is located at Mrol Naka, Andheri East.

The firm majorly focuses on General Corporate Commercial, Real Estate and IPR

Duration of the internship
June 6th – July 15th
Application Procedure

One can send in their CV accompanied by a cover letter mentioning the preferred dates to [email protected]

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

6 weeks. Monday to Saturday, 11 am to 7:30 pm

How big was the office? Team strength

2 partners along with a team of 5 associates and a few interns.

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

On the First day the founding Partner Ms. Sonam Chandwani was very welcoming, she gave me an insight about the firm and what was expected of me as an intern. There were no other first day formalities as such.

Main tasks

Drafting of agreements.

Research work.

Briefing the associates and partners on research work.

Court visits.

Work environment, people

Work environment was extremely friendly, everyone in the firm was very approachable, co-operative and motivating. I had the chance of working directly under the founding partner who was ever so patient and kind. She would even take time out of her busy schedule to teach me the basics of drafting and how to improve on my research skills.

Best things

KS Legal turned out to be one my best internship experiences. This internship has been an intellectually stimulating and exciting experience. In no other internship did I get an exposure to the extent I got here.

Associates here understand that interns come to learn and even when interns made mistakes, they never hesitated on giving interns more work.
Bad things

Nothing as such.

Stipend/ month

Conveyance expenses are reimbursed.

Any Other Thing
The firm is located 5 minutes away from the Metro station which made commuting much easier.

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  1. Ms.Tejal I do not deny the fact that you were appointed as an associate and you were not paid your salary. But you failed to provide reasons for the same.

    At the time of hiring you I made it clear that I do background verification and also be speaking to your past employer and you were fully informed about the same. After 10 days you shared the number of your past employer […] and as you are aware he told me that you were working as an intern and was getting stipend of 3500-4000 per month and whereas you lied to me that you were working as an associate and was getting 12k in hand which is unethical and unprofessional. […] told me that you were absconding and you did not inform him before leaving. I can share call record to justify my statement. I asked you to schedule concal with […] but you were reluctant and you told me that you did not have a cordial relationship with him.

    I never said that I do not intend to pay you and I offered to pay whatever you were getting at your previous organisation. I am a corporate lawyer and I do not know litigation which is why I hire someone else to handle litigation matters. Nobody knows everything neither you nor me. Atleast I know better than you and you are fully aware of the same.

    Coming back to salary part I never denied to pay I can post our wats app communication here. You do not know how to behave with your seniors and I told your friend who called me for your salary that ask Tejal to apologise and collect her cheque. Your ego is bigger than elephant which is why you did not get your salary. I do not want to crib about how I taught you D of drafting and you are a fresher you yourself know nothing about litigation. My advice would be to work on polishing your skills instead of posting comments which would do more good to you in near future. Do not start your career with a lie and do not assume other person to be a fool.

    I will not think once before filing a defamation suit against you if this continues.

  2. The worst company with a pathetic and confused […].

    I had applied for a legal internship here in Dec’16 and they asked me to join from Jan’17. When i called up in Jan, they said there’s no vacancy and that u can join from march, when i called up again in march i got the same response.

    Then when i applied here on 8th June’17 for a lawyer’s fresher job , i immediately got a call from […] the same day and was asked to come in for an interview…i went for the interview and […] said i got selected and can join them.s he even discussed with salary, date of joining, job profile everything.

    […]started her company’s ramayan that there were 3 associates and all left the job as they got opportunities in MNC and that […] is alone wid 2-3 interns…i told her i can join her from 26th june 2017 as i had my vipassana course to attend to which […] agreed..but i came back from vipassana on 16th june itself and imform her that i can join now […] again called me at the office for the interview on 16th june..i dunno for what…[…] is such a confused creature..on 8th june […] discussed Everything with me right from what will be my profile, what will be my salary and what documents i need to get on date of joining.

    I said im very tired so ill meet u on 17th june..on 17th i called her […] said […] is not in office… jus kept me hanging and because of that fool i did not give interview elsewhere…i then msgd her not to keep me hanging and tell me wht the hell is going on..

    […] reverted stating […] is in a hospital and for a month […] will be in hospital and that i could look for a job somewhere else..

    That […] wasted my 1 month and not only this before that also twice they lied to me about internship..this […] is clueless… doesn’t even look like the owner… sitting in chappals in office and the office finishes before it starts..(such a small place) People domt continue working here hence u would always find this company KS legal & Associates begging for interns and associates as no one sticks around with […]

    Its a warning from my end to everybody that if ur looking forward to play with ur career then only join this company […]

    • Lol same thing happened with me… worst office i have seen ever. its just a timepass, […] doesn’t even know the court procedure, i worked their as an associate for 23 days from mid June to start of July and the thing is […] didn’t even paid me for that as well as […] didn’t even me paid my personal expenses which i used for court visits, […] found various reasons for not paying me as per the salary we decided.. disappointing experience.. yeah its true pooja worst, pathetic and […] company.. that’s nice atleast we have chance to explore such company..

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