Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Chetanya Rupela, ITM Law School, Gurgaon, 4th year,

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Kaushal Law Associates, Gurgaon.

Application Process

I applied to Mr. Kaushal through my personal contact and he is very renowned advocate in the labour laws.

If anyone is interested to get good exposure and want to pursue its litigation in the field of labour laws, he should work under him.

You can contact his Assistant Mr. Mohan 9911149992, and if you are lucky he will give you the opportunity to work with him. Else, he doesn’t keep intern under him.

Duration of internship and timings

The period of my internship was July, 2014.

The timing were 9.30 A.M. to 6 P.M. normally. If the work is more you have to sit in the office. But he is a very kind person if you want to go early he wouldn’t stop you.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

At first I thought where I am stuck because first he goes to labour court and then come in office and I visited the office for the first time and waited for 4 hours. Then he came and fixed me with an advocate.

The office was very spacious although it was build on the first floor of his house. He had a conference room, A paralegal office and an office for his associates.

Main tasks

In morning 9.30, I had to report directly at the labour court and it is located in the Mini Sectrait, Gurgaon at Rajiv chowk. My residing place was very near to that so I used to reach between 9.30 – 10 A.M. Then in court I use to arrange the files, get the date of next hearing and listening to all the proceedings of the cases related to us.

Then, after the court 2-3 P.M. I use to have my lunch and after 3 reach his office and start preparing the case files for the next day. Arrange the documents prepared for the arguments and final the file. Arranging 1 file took me approx. half an hour. So, I used to get free at 6 P.M.

Work environment and people

Work environment is like there was so much of work you can never sit free but I used to have chit chat with the associates and never felt so tired.

On the first day I thought I should not come again but in 2-3 days after seeing Mr. Kaushal working so hard, I was very motivated to work.

Best things

The best thing was watching sir working so hard and I was motivated after that.

Bad things

Mr. Kaushal is strict and he never liked the mistakes.


No stipend.

Biggest Lessons

Work hard each and every minute and you will succeed at the end.


  1. Lawctopus is a know and prominent website, but I don’t really think you’ve read the article posted above. Read it, does it require editing? Or is this a satire website? This is not a trick question.

    • Please note that the internship experiences that are published on Lawctopus are unedited. Only very basic formatting is done.

      We intentionally have decided to keep it that way because the ‘raw writing’ lets the ‘personality’ of the writer and the ‘voice/quality’ of the internship/internship experience come out.

      If our editors were to edit it to the T, we’d have perfectly written internship experiences and these won’t be that helpful for our readers.

      In such a scenario our readers won’t be able to tell this all: Who’s this person who’s written the internship experience? Is he being honest here? Boastful? Advertorial? Star-struck? Casual? Haggard and woe-begone? How much can I trust him/her?

      • I see. Not everyone would understand that thought process though. Not criticizing your work or anything, just suggesting, that maybe what you’ve mentioned above, you could put it somewhere on the site for everyone to read.


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