Name. College. Year of Study.


Organization. City. Team Strength.

Jhangiani Narula and Associates. Mumbai (Fort Area). 4 Partners and around 10 to 15 Advocates.

Application process. Contact Details.

Send an email to Follow up might be necessary.

Duration. Timings.

4 Weeks. 10 AM to 7 PM. Timings were quite flexible as long as the work given to you was done.

First impression. First day formalities. Infrastructure.

You will generally be given some briefs to read until you meet the Partner. The Partner interacts with you and asks for your area of interest. You are allotted work by the Partner from thereon and you are to request work from other associates when you are free.

Jhangiani Narula and Associates, Mumbai office has decent infrastructure and occupies 2 large floors in the Fort Area of Mumbai.

There is also an office in Goregaon and New Delhi.

Main Tasks.

Assisting in formulation of arguments and finding various Case Laws therein.

Researching on various aspects of Arbitration and Conciliation Act and other real estate laws applicable in Maharashtra.

Reviewing regulations and briefing the Partner on their relevance for Client concerns.

Attending proceedings at the Bombay High Court and City Civil Court.

Work environment. People.

The staff at the firm is extremely cordial and the only time I felt like an intern was when I received my certificate.

The Partner who I was working with was extremely helpful and appreciative of my efforts. The overall environment in the firm was extremely friendly. The Associates were a mixed bunch of experienced as well as relatively new lawyers.

Best Things.

My Mentor also acted as a Counsel to other lawyers and hence interning with him ensured interaction with all the other lawyers and their clients. It was a great experience in terms of exposure to the profession.

The work given to be was pretty decent. I was never given any clerical work as in case of my previous internships.

The Jhangiani Narula and Associates office being located in Fort, there are awesome places around to chill.

Bad Things.

Absolutely none.


No, but a recommendation.

Biggest Lessons.

First Impression is the impression that matters.


  1. If someone gets an opportunity here he should do internship here. I worked for two terms in this firm one in January and one in June. There is a lot to learn and also the associates and seniors are very helpful. The work atmosphere is very good and as an intern you will enjoy working here. A lot of research and drafting work is given. You have to visit court regularly. If someone wants to gain experience in lower court then you should intern at the Dindoshi(Goregaon East) branch and for High Court visit internship can be done at the Fort office.


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