Internship Experience @ Jagrati Legal Associates, Lucknow: Very Less Work for Interns


Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Jagrati Legal Associates, Lucknow, 4 associates.

Application Process with contact details

I applied on my own. You can mail your CV to info[at]jagratilegalassociates[dot]com

Duration of internship and timings

June 1, 2016- June 30, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I was required to report in the Labour Court on the first day of my internship. There were no formalities required to be complied, which was somewhat surprising for me.

To keep it in simple words, first day was ‘not happening’ (which was the case for all the remaining days!).

There was literally nothing for me to do there, except to observe the case files, and getting acquainted with the order in which a case file is supposed to be maintained.

Their office is confined to a room in a residential house.

The room was occupied with mainly case files and resources on labour law, industrial disputes act, consumer protection law, etc.

Main tasks

Main tasks were:

*Go to the consumer forum/ labour court, and observe the court proceedings

*Read case files. Matters were mostly related to consumer disputes.

*The associate would dictate objections/reminders/written submissions, etc. and I was required to note them down.

*Type the above material and mail it back to the associate.

Work environment and people

Frankly speaking, it was not good.

When there isn’t any major work, how can there be a good work environment.

Associates were friendly, but to what end.

Best things

No work, no tension.

Biggest Lessons

Before applying for an internship, do some research about the place where you are applying for.

Any Other Thing

I have mentioned the contact details, but do reconsider before applying.


I reside in Lucknow only, so I used to travel to the courts and office daily from home. However, for those who don’t live in Lucknow, they can find PGs in and around Aliganj.

Office Timings

There was no ‘office timing’. In the first few days, I was supposed to be at the state consumer forum at around 10 pm and watch the proceedings.

I used to stay there till 1, then I would leave for home, for there wasn’t any work for me to do.

After the first few days, I was required to go directly to the office. There were days when I was supposed to be there from 12-2/3 and then there were days when I “worked” from 4-6.




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