Internship Experience @ Jaggi, Jaggi & Jaggi Attorneys at Law, Delhi: Choose from A Vast Array of Work

Name. College. Year of Study

Yashu Khurana. Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies [VIPS], 4th year BBA. L.L.B

Name of the Organization. City

Prestigious chambers of Jaggi, Jaggi & Jaggi Attorneys at Law, New Delhi.

Duration of the Internship

8th July to 12th August, 2016

How big was the office? Team strength?

The office is situated in the Old lawyers’ chambers building of The Hon’ble High Court of Delhi, amidst the chambers of some very illustrious lawyers’ such as Mr. Kapil Sibal and Amit Sibal etc.

Application Procedure

I opted the e­mail mode of application, to apply for internship, I received, a very prompt response from Adv. Mr. Hemant Arya, the most respected associate at the chambers, after of course, himself Mr. Jaggi. Two days prior to my joining as an intern I received a call from Mr. Hemant Arya to come prepared for a short selection interview as there had been an overflow of interns. 900 applicants for the July month only.

Graciously I was able to stand past a very critical and microscopic oral examination based on legal and mental strengths and weaknesses, of all the interns conducted by Mr. Jaggi himself.

For all other aspirants I suggest: “apply atleast two­three months prior from your desired month for internship” at Jaggi, Jaggi and Jaggi.

E­mail id:

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

On my first day of Internship I was given a tour of the Chamber and introduced to the most diligent and knowledgeable associates (Mr. Hemant Arya and Ms. Shambhavi), I have till date met. Then I was assigned an associate who used to delegate and confer me work.

Later I was also introduced to the strenuous and respected staff at the Chambers i.e Mr. Mahadev Mandal (Office Clerk) and Mr. Shailesh (Court Clerk) for Mr. N.K. Jaggi. Lastly on my first day I was asked to fill a form for my monthly court pass after which I had a nice and pleasant conversation with Mr. Jaggi.

The most essential tip required to truly understand the way things at the Chambers work is that, you will never ever be scolded for your mistakes or faults, instead you would be praised and rubbed of with the highest degree of sarcasm and wittiness a man can ever understand. 😛 (Pun intended).

This tip was given to me by Mr. Jaggi himself and it was the sole basis of endurance through this extremely high level of sarcasm.

Main tasks

At the Chambers you get to choose from a vast array of work ranging from International cases to cases at district court level (mostly civil). I was given a lot of drafting work such as making notices, reply to notices, preparing list of events for cases, case summary and also a Review Petition to be presented in The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

Besides drafting interns are also given extensive research work on various facets of law. This research includes not only finding Indian case laws, but also the developments in international law also.

Interns are also required to assist their associates during court visits and in filing of fresh cases. During court visits we are required to make precise and concise record of the concerned proceedings and listen to the opposite counsel etc.

Apart from all the legal knowledge that you get from the aforestated tasks the best work/opportunity is to interact personally with Mr. Navin Kumar Jaggi, he is a fountain of wisdom, an elixir of knowledge in almost all facets of law. Besides all the legal knowledge I was able to absorb, I also learnt true British mannerism and behavior as depicted by Mr. Jaggi at all times.

Thus for a Delhi brat like me the most strenuous task was to try and meet with his level of etiquettes.

Work Environment, People

The chamber provides a very energizing and revitalizing environment to work in; it will bind you in a work­friendly aura the moment you enter. All people at the office are extremely generous.

Office timings for interns are from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm. At the office you will never be treated as an intern, but as a family member always.

Best things

The best thing is that you get to work with Mr. Navin Kumar Jaggi and his associates. You get plenty of delicious food and other beverages. You also get to explore some unheard areas of law.

Bad things

The bad thing about this place is that, the day you leave the office you do not leave as the same person, as you were, on the first day of your internship, you will leave as a much taller person not only in terms of your legal knowledge but also interns of who you are as an human being.

Stipend/ month

Interns at the office do not get any stipend but they get a very special surprise from sir on their last day of internship which is greater than any form of stipend.

For secrecy purpose, the same cannot be disclosed.


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