5 Things I Accomplished During My Internship at iPleaders

This article has been written by Deeksha Chaudhary, a 2nd year student of B.Com., LLB at Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan. She recently interned at iPleaders in Delhi and had a great experience.

An internship is a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience, develop deep relationships and set yourself up for a rewarding career. I was looking forward to my internship at iPleaders because I wanted to improve my writing skills and expose myself to a professional environment.

However, what I actually accomplished was much more. To start with, the experience of interning at iPleaders has made me a confident person. Now I can confidently stand out in my college, or face my future employers with confidence. In fact, now I can even be confident in front of my boyfriend’s parents.

Sticking your neck out and trying new things isn’t easy. There are rejections on the way to landing that great job, but with stubbornness and dedication you’ll get there. This was going in my mind on the very first day of my internship when I was asked to write 50 articles in a month.

What I could not predict at all at that time was that the journey of a month would make me a better and confident person. Though I was unable to complete 50 articles, all the research work I did and articles I wrote in this period had a profound impact on my personality and capability.

I can’t possibly count each and everything I learned during my internship, but I want to share with all of you the very best lessons. Here are the five most important things I picked up or accomplished during my internship.

I learned new skills that sped up my writing. How can one write a informative and attractive article in 4 hours? In the past I would have taken at least 5 days to write an article. However, at iPleaders, I had only 4 hours to research and write one. I spent most of my time at iPleaders researching on legal issues and writing articles.

Regularly writing close to 4000 words a day, based on original research and no plagiarism improved not only my writing skills but also my speed of writing. Good writing and reading skills are always considered important for law students. After internship from iPleaders I am confident about my writing skills and I know this will help me lifelong in my studies & profession.

I acquired knowledge and skills that I did not know exist. The true masters of any craft understand both ends of the spectrum. Same way here an internship at iPleaders I have not only acquired writing skills, but also acquired knowledge of different laws, acts and legal issues which I had no clue about.

In this one month of my internship, I have worked on different areas of laws like as corporate laws, companies act, space laws, nuclear laws, taxation, interpretations of statutes, export import policies and many others. Working on all more than 50 different topics, I have acquired a whole new level of legal knowledge.

I learned research skills. During the internship, I had to research on issues that I had no idea about at all. I did not even know where to start researching. I did not know the normal standards for research. However, at the end of the internship, I know how to present my research professionally.

I have learned how to map out a research strategy, how to focus and refine your topic of research. I have learned how to navigate and search databases effectively and come up with useful keywords for searching.

I had to work on my time management, and really improve it in order to achieve the targets I was given. I developed punctuality and learned to concentrate on work. Whether it’s arriving early in the morning or getting a task done on time, punctuality is essential.

Manage your time well to get things done. It shows that you’re dedicated to your work, and that you’re capable of responsibility and professionalism. At iPleaders I have learned to be more focused and concentrate on my work. Sitting at a place from morning 10 am to 7:30 pm in the evening, 1 hour lunch break, and doing your work with velocity was not easy in the beginning.

I used to get easily distracted from my work, get bored of continuously writing and reading for several hours. However, eventually I developed the habit of sitting and working with my full concentration and focus without getting bored or tired. This habit will surely help me in my academics in college and also in other internships wherever I may go.

I learned the importance of measuring progress. The one lesson that I learned from Ramanuj Mukherjee, who is also a co-founder of iPleaders was to set a target and then go to work with the target in sight. Even then, it’s important to measure your progress too. One must look after his or her standards of work and performance and the target will be anyway achieved.

I learned how important is to measure your progress to uplift your standard and achieve targets. Continuous monitoring of performance against predetermined targets is essential in effectively and efficiently achieving goals.

Overall my internship at iPleaders has inspired me to learn something new everyday and to always strive to grow.

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  1. Dear Deeksha Chaudhary,

    Say heartful thanks to the team of ipleaders. Specially Sri Ramanuj Mukherjee, all of the articles being published in their site ipleaders are very thought provoking. No one can deny the research being conducted by them. Sri Ramanuj Mukherjee injected such spirit into the hearts of his team.

    The good lesson you learned for life ..

    I learned the importance of measuring progress. The one lesson that I learned from Sri Ramanuj Mukherjee, who is also a co-founder of iPleaders was …. “to set a target and then go to work with the target in sight. Even then, it’s important to measure your progress too. One must look after his or her standards of work and performance and the target will be anyway achieved”.

    I learned how important is to measure your progress to uplift your standard and achieve targets. “Continuous monitoring of performance against predetermined targets is essential in effectively and efficiently achieving goals.”

    This setting of goal and working to achieve it is more important. All Advocates till their last breath are learners. Even after learning for million births, the very next birth will be very new to learn something new. That is law. Your wonderful lesson is applicable to all and also all Law Students and interns have to remember it.

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    Wish you all success and wish Avyakta Brahman will bless you.


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