Name. College. Year of Study:

Salman Qureshi. Symbiosis Law School, Pune. 1st year.




May-June, 2014.

Application Procedure:

I just shot a mail to Protik Da- at around midnight. And believe you me, I was surprised to see a reply within an hour! He was ready to accommodate me in his overcrowded chamber if I had no issues in adjusting.

Wittily, and without any sugar coating, Protik Da mentioned the condition of his chambers as a caveat. I jumped at the opportunity. You can learn more about this man from an interview he has given  on SuperLawyer here.

Protik Da. Image taken from SuperLawyer.


Timings were not fixed, everyday had a different requirement and thus timings fluctuated sometimes I was called at 10 am and left by 6-8pm and sometimes I was called post lunch 3 pm till 11 pm. There were days when I left the Chambers just before sunrise.

Pros & Work:

Protik Da’s drafting skills are legendary, so to speak. It is something the likes of which I have never seen, and the way he used to draft left us interns all in awe.

He not only taught us the nuances of law, but also coached us on how to modulate and throw one’s voice in a courtroom.

I don’t think there are many lawyers who would actually put in effort, the way Protik Da does, just to teach students who might never even remember him in the future.

His practice area was diverse. I personally worked on a Hindu divorce case. Property matters are his finesse, on which too I had the honor of working with him.


There was nothing that I disliked about my internship with Protik Da, as my eagerness to learn was insatiable.

Things that might repulse a lot of people- the overcrowded chambers and sometimes work hours extending well beyond midnight (though ladies and others who wished to leave early could do so- he was quite considerate and understanding about how far his interns lived)

Caveat from me:

There is no stipend, but there is no limit to the knowledge and skills you will acquire while interning with Protik Da!


If you wish to truly learn how to be a lawyer, and not just to make a quick buck or study the law; then this is the place to be.

You won’t get comfortable seats all the time and the luxury to leave by sunset, but the knowledge Protik Da has is unparalleled.

This man’s chambers had books in gigantic heaps and from all disciplines of life. Go for it!


  1. @What’s in the name says:
    This was posted on September 1, 2015 and I interned in May-June, 2014. FYI I’m now a 3rd year student.

    I sent my CV along a cover letter requesting for an internship.

  2. May I know if you had send your CV to him or just a mail asking to work under him. Quick reply will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you

  3. You are a first year student and to say that “It is something the likes of which I have never seen” sound a bit weird.


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