Internship Experience @ Centre for Disability Studies, NALSAR, Hyderabad

Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Sandeep Bhalothia, Jindal Global Law School, 2nd year,

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Centre for Disability Studies (CDS) of NALSAR, Hyderabad, Team Strength – 3 to 4

Application Process

To get internship at CDS of NALSAR, applicants are required to send their expression of interest along with their CV. The expression of interest should not be more than two A4 pages.

The expression of interest and CV could be emailed at these ids: and

You can even call to Mrs. V.S. Padma who handles all internship related queries for CDS. Here mobile no. is – 09948480303.

Duration of internship and timings

Minimum duration for internship is 3 weeks. But, I had interned there for 4 weeks.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

NALSAR had a quite decent infra. When you will arrive there than they will provide you with a room in hostel of university which you have to share with two or three other interns.

As charges of that accommodation plus mess food you will be asked to pay an amount to 9,000 or so for a month. Than they will ask you to fill a form so that you can get access to there internet.

The best thing in the infrastructure of NALSAR is its library. There are plenty of space any books in their library and you will enjoy your stay if you are interested in reading.

Main tasks

You will be assigned to either assist Professor Dhanda who is the Head of CDS at NALSAR in her work related to Disability or they will ask you to prepare a research paper or a report which you have to submit on the last day of you internship.

You would also be asked to give a presentation on he basis of that submission in front of all interns and Prof. Dhanda.

Work environment and people

Students at NALSAR re quite friendly. Mrs. V.S. Padma who is internship coordinator and also assistant of Prof. Dhanda is a very sweet lady.

She is always there to help you and guide you through your work.

Best things

Best things are:

1. You get the chance to stay at one of the best law college of India and to feel their environment.

2. You will get the chance to work under very renowned women in the field of Disability Studies, she will change you perception of looking at diferentially abled people.

3. Since you are staying within the NALSAR campus, therefore you will get the chance to live a life like NALSARite and you will also have opportunities to interact with few best minds of law field.

4. Hyderabad’s BIRYANI is (my mouth starts watering) I think best biryani in India.

5. You will not have to travel daily for your internship, because they give accommodation to interns within the university.

Bad things

Bad things are:

1. Since the university is located quite far from the city area, therefore there are not much places nearby to chill out.

2. NALSAR doesn’t have good infra in terms of Sports facilities, do if you are a sports person than your internship might turn a bit boring.

3. Professor Dhanda is very strict so don’t ever mess with her, not even by mistake because believe me you wouldn’t be able to afford it


No Stipend

Biggest Lessons

Professionalism is the key to get appreciation for your work.

Every minute thing you do to complete your task matters allot.


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