[UPDATE: February 8, 2015]: Internship experiences are shared by individual law students and are ‘subjective’. 

Name of the organization & City

Banthia & Co. Advocates, Bhopal

Duration of the internship. No. of days/week. Timings

June 2014 (4 weeks). The office timings on weekdays were from 11 am till 4 am midnight but the interns could leave early by 5 pm or as per their convenience.

Mr. Neelesh Banthia, the owner of the company stayed back longer than 10 pm to take care of all the work along with his associates. The office is open till 4 am in the night so interns can stay for as long as they want but there is no compulsion.

How big was the office? Team strength?

Banthia & Co. is one of the biggest and oldest law firms in the nation which was established in the year 1927. The firm has offices around twelve cities in India such as Bhopal, New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Bangalore, Mangalore, Indore, Kochi, Pune, Goa, Jabalpur and Chennai.

Mr. Banthia is also out for one week in every month for the purpose of visiting his other offices all across the country.

The head office of Banthia and Co. is in Bhopal where the owner Mr. Neelesh Banthia sits and controls and manages all the offices.

The team strength of the firm is around 250 associates across all the twelve offices working directly under Mr. Neelesh Banthia since this is an ownership firm.

The firm mainly deals in Property Law and Property related matters. The biggest clients of the company are the Christian Missionaries all over India with whom Mr. Banthia deals directly.

Application procedure. Internship contact details.

For internship you should call up Mr. Neelesh Banthia (Contact No. 09827054089) directly as he believes in dealing with the interns himself. The internship call would be followed up by a telephonic interview by Mrs. Sonali Banthia.

You would also be required to mail your resume to Mr. Banthia on his email id: neeleshbanthia@rediffmail.com

The company has a policy of taking only a maximum of 10 interns per month.

You should apply at least 2-3 months in advance through email which should be followed up by calling up Mr. Banthia. Mr. Banthia would definitely attend your call and if busy, he would surely give you a time at which he would call you back to interact with you.

One thing I can assure you of is that Mr. Banthia is a very approachable person so you need not be nervous. You have to furnish the exact dates and the location at which you wish to intern in your email application the subject for which should be “Application for internship.”

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I interned at the head office of the firm in Bhopal, which is a beautiful city and I did not have any relatives there. So I stayed at a Guest House in Shyamla Hills which was 10 minutes by an auto from the office.

The office is located near VIP road in Koh-e-fiza. A lot of P.G.s and hostels are available near the office. MP Nagar Zone II in Bhopal has hostels for girls and boys both from where the office is reasonably close, which can also be availed on a monthly basis.

First impression, First day, formalities etc.

Banthia & Co. is an unconventional law firm when I reached the head office in Bhopal at 10.00 am on the first day I met Mrs. Sonali Banthia who gave me a very warm welcome and made me feel comfortable and home-like. Mr. Neelesh Banthia joined us later and gave me all the details about the office and previous interns. He also briefed me about the firm.

Later, we went to the office and Sir told me to take any of the chairs in the office. I was given a file to be reviewed which had agreements and deeds like Permission to purchase, Permission to gift, Agreement to sell, Agreement to gift, Sale deed and Gift deed.

Later I was called into Sir’s cabin where I sat with him and asked him millions of questions about his office, his life, his clients and about the file, of course; all of which he answered very patiently.

On the very first day I was asked to interact with some clients who had come to the office with some property dispute. You will get to deal with a lot more practical experiences like these.

Main tasks

The main tasks that I did at the firm were to interact with clients and take note of cases. I attended meetings with Sir as well and let me witness his interaction with his biggest clients amongst the Christian Missionaries. Mr. Neelesh Banthia also took me for a meeting with the Archbishop of Bhopal.

In addition to the above, I also dealt with agreements and deeds in relation to the Indian Contract Act, 1872, the Indian Partnership Act, 1932, the Transfer of Property Act, 1882, the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act, 1988, the Limitation Act and the Civil Procedure Code 1908.

Alongside, I also assisted in partition and ownership related disputes of Property as well as Consumer Dispute cases, Medical negligence cases and Maintenance cases.

Work environment, people

The Banthia & Co. office, being the head office is located at a very posh location in Bhopal and the best thing about this office is that Mr. Neelesh Banthia is always available here.

Mr. Banthia would always take out time from his extremely busy schedule and be there to help you out and listen to your doubts. In case of any difficulty you could directly approach him or any of the associates, who are always happy to help.

The owner that is Mr. Neelesh Banthia is the most chilled out and amazing person I have come across not only during my internships but also in my entire life and he treats you with care and concern. Mr. Banthia is known for his humour and charm and around him you would never feel left out or alone.

Best things?

The best things about the Banthia & Co. internship were the flexible timings and the way of working. Because you would be given freedom to work as per your convenience you would also have a time to see Bhopal.

There are no deadlines that you would be asked to meet for your assignments. This is because the main policy of firm allows the interns to focus on learning rather than pressurizing them to work day & night and meet deadline. Banthia & Co. is a temple of learning.

The fundamental idea behind the work given to the interns was that they should learn not only what the law is but also focus on its practical applications.

This firm would definitely give you a reality check. The owner of the firm and his associates welcomed doubts by interns on points which were not clear to them. The focus was on quality work and hard work.

Bad things?

None at all

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

Bhopal is the city of lakes. It has a number of lake-view restaurants. You could go boating. The city is famous for the DB City mall which is magnificent. The city is also famous for a number of museums, temples and masjids plus you can visit the Van Vihar National Park.

At the office, the work environment is never tense. It is very comfortable and you will have all the facilities at your disposal. Tea, coffee and juice would be served to you at your command. Plus Mr. Neelesh Banthia always treats his interns and associates with ice-creams almost daily.


The firm does not pay for providing a learning experience to the interns but the reasonable expenses can be taken care of.

Anything else you’d like to tell; biggest lessons.

One of the many things that I learnt from Mr. Banthia is the art of communication. The way he treats his clients and communicates with them is spell bounding.

He is very friendly and approachable not only for his clients but also for his associates and interns.

He is never impatient and you can approach him with the silliest of your doubts. One thing that would be appreciated is the thirst for knowledge and learning plus hard work and diligence.

 [UPDATE: February 8, 2015]: Internship experiences are shared by individual law students and are ‘subjective’.

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  1. the firm is very small and is operated from the house of neelesh banthia.
    the guy claims to have passed out from Harvard but fails to speak English fluently. I interned here 1 time and was very keen to work for the firm however the intern-cum-employees of the firm including pallavi did not give me any work and instead asked us to listen to some […] people who the firm claims to be specialist while they knew nothing. it is a sheer waste of time. most of the interns, therefore, sat and talked.

    even the associates were given clerical work. the office is a fake working station without any work.
    there is alot of politics in the office and […] is very SEXIST AND UNPROFESSIONAL. […] used to comment on some female interns as being very ugly and hence undeserving of the internship.

  2. First of all, one has to forget that an internship here would be anything similar to other places. There are no fixed timings, deadlines, dress code etc. One won’t have to ask for leaves via mails and if one wants to leave early, no problem. This firm believes that interns work better when there is no pressure and they really stick to this mantra. They also believe that an internship should be a learning process and that’s why they give us files to read, files specially made for interns.
    Banthia & Co. believes that practical exposure is more important than theoretical one and thus you get to be a part of a lot of meetings with clients. District, Consumer and Revenue Courts can be visited with the Advocates working there if one wants to.
    The USP of this firm is that it’s an Ownership Firm, one of the very few in India. There are no partners and thus no bureaucracy. Mr./ Adv. Neelesh Banthia has the sole power and control over more than 20 offices in India and 7 International ones. You want work from UK, ask him and if he is in a good mood, you will definitely get it. It’s as simple as that.
    He is a very chilled out person, literally, with enough free time to chat with the interns, again literally. He knows how the real legal world works and you get to see the same first-hand. This cannot be taught in College books. He is a jolly-good-fellow and he will even treat the interns with pastries and food. Overall, working under him is a delight.
    The Bhopal headquarters deals mostly with property laws. There will be matters worth crores of rupees. So, if you really are into other fields like IPR, Company law or Arbitration, you might wanna think twice. Also, you won’t learn here what the law is but how the law works and how to manage your business, the latter comes with time. They don’t provide research work unless specifically asked for. There is free coffee and tea and now the pantry will be opened soon for desired snacks and other things. The office is divided into 3 floors, the ground floor accessible to Adv./Mr. Neelesh Sir only as it’s also his home. The whole office is 14BHK with 10 more offices in Bhopal only which are empty, fully furnished and require manpower and ideas to work. The firm knows a few PGs so you won’t have problem regarding accommodation. Food is provided by these PGs.

  3. I have interned with Banthia & Co. for a period of 4 weeks in Bhopal office and my experience is beyond comparison. Banthia & Co. is one of the oldest law firms in India and deals with mostly property related matters with 12 offices across the country. Mr. Neelesh Banthia who is the owner of Banthia & Co. is the most approachable person. As a person there is a lot that we can learn from him and the best part is you can ask him any question and be assured of a satisfactory answer. His is very famous for his sense of humour and treats everyone with respect. He comes in and greets his associates and interns instead of vice versa. He ensures that there is cooperative environment in the firm and no intern can feel left out. The office timings are flexible for interns but the associates and Neelesh Sir usually stay for long. The work environment is just amazing as you get to interact and work with students from different colleges. The associates are also helpful and very experienced. Initially I was given the drafts of different deeds, memorandums, petitions, notices, appeals, plaints, affidavits, etc to get myself acquainted with the property related concepts and later I was assigned some of the drafting work. It was a great learning experience for me as it helped me to polish my research skills and most importantly the presentation of my work. I look forward to intern here again in future.

  4. Hello friends, I am shreyashi from Kolkata.I have recently completed my internship at Banthia and co. Advocates.It was a marvelous experience and journey of great learning under Mr.Nilesh Banthia..I got the exposure which i bet that most fancy firms wont offer.There was a great chance to deal with high end cases from all over India and meet with clients.Mr. Nilesh Banthia personally took us to client conferences and you will get to know how to communicate and deal with high networth people..now coming to another point ,you will find organised sample documents of various drafting which is prepared for interns only that was very beneficial for me and i bet if you have a zeal to work you will get the best environment there.The other associates are too much helpful and all you need to do is just put your query before them.There is no time bindings to report to the firm.I worked on Sunday even just because i loved to do work over there.The firm is situated near VIP road in Bhopal and the view of the lake is the added advantage to get yourself refreshed always.Lastly i have to say that the work environment and exposure was brilliant .So the only word to express my gratitude is THANK YOU sir for giving me the break to work with this firm.

  5. Hello everyone,
    I recently completed my internship in Bhanthia and co. Advocates at Bhopal office .This firm was really good.Timings were really flexible . There was a bundle of files set in an alphabetical order which had many sample documents regarding sale deed, gift deed, Lease, License, etc exclusively for interns. I used to read those files and make notes for my study. After completing these modules, I was given some case-files to read and was given some drafting work. The best thing about firm is that the owner of the firm undoubtedly has a very good sense of , a keen sense of judgement and is very approachabl. My learning experience was absolutely amazing. I am really grateful to Neelesh Sir for the opportunity .

  6. Wooooo… Its amazing experience as an intern in Banthia law firm. ☺
    Thank you so much Neelesh sir and your whole team for giving me this opportunity…
    I am very glad to get an opportunity to share my experience of internship which would definitely be the pioneer for my future. Any law student will get an amazing exposure. I am very happy and blessed to be a part of this law firm .
    I have only a word to express my gratitude i.e THANK YOU☺

  7. Hello everyone,
    I recently completed my internship at Bhanthia and co.(Bhopal) this firm was really good, people there were really approachable and friendly. There were files set in an alphabetical order which had many sample documents regarding sale deed, gift deed, Lease, License, etc exclusively for interns, we were supposed to read them carefully and ask doubts which were either cleared by Mr. Bhanthia himself or by the learned lawyers there, we had healthy discussions and debates over cases mainly related to property laws.Through these discussions and files I got to learn a lot of the basic things which in general we don’t learn in college and only comes from practical experience. I also got to see some of the client meetings. I was opportune enough to read some of the very interesting cases which was dealt by the firm.
    I got a good peer group there and got to know various students from different colleges, as most of them were seniors I got to learn a lot from them. Mr. Bhanthia used to give us little treats and when you are tired of reading a document you can always get a coffee and take a break. There was no hard and fast rule about the timings, we were allowed to come a little late or leave a little early. Above all of these at this firm I was able to learn some of the basic things which would be of great importance in my future.

  8. I interned under Mr. Neelesh Banthia twice, once in May-June and other time in November.
    Interning under him was completely a new experience. Unlike my previous internships, here I was helped in learning drafting and the concepts of property law. Modules (files) were specifically made for interns to help them in learning drafting. Modules contained drafting of different deeds, memorandums, petitions, notices, appeals, plaints, affidavits, etc. I used to read those files and made notes for my study. After completing these modules, I was given some case-files to read and was given some drafting work. Later, in my second internship, I assisted him in the transfer of one of the high valued property. Sometimes, I also accompanied the advocates to the court where I was made familiar with the court procedure and proceedings. I was given some case files to read before the court hearings. I was allowed to attend client meetings and tele-conferences which turned to be a fruitful experience for me.
    The interns were treated very nicely. Neelesh sir used to personally interact with the interns and used to tell them about his practice experiences and the way to deal with clients, property and company. Our health was taken well care of. Daily, we were provided with juice and coffee. Treats were an essential part of our internship breaks.
    The best thing I found interning in his company was that I was taught those things without which one cannot stand in litigation and not even in corporate. And I am very grateful to Neelesh Sir, Rajesh Sir, Rajput Sir, Jagdish Sir and Tariq Sir for helping me in learning the basics and concepts of the property law. And I would look forward to intern here again in the future.

  9. Hello everyone! I recently finished my winter internship at Banthia & Co. in Bhopal for the month of December. I would like to assure one thing to everyone who is seeking to do internship in Banthia & Co that you will definitely learn and gain valuable knowledge and also the way to deal with the cases practically and effectively. There are no restrictions; you can meet the law firm owner himself, you can work at day and night also according to your convenience also the other lawyers present there are very approachable and ask them anything and they will never disappoint you. He will be your mentor during your internship and will clear all your doubts. When I was doing internship I learned a lot about property law and various practical aspects regarding it. The environment inside the firm’s office is very friendly and I was very warmly welcomed by the law firm owner himself and then I asked a lot questions to him and he answered me in a very practical manner and in the simplest manner possible. I used to read the study materials available for the interns and it covers a lot of things which I will never get in books. During internship Mr. Neelesh Banthia explained how he handle cases and how he deals with the cases which also very profitable to his clients who are fully satisfied by his work.

  10. I am thinking of applying in this firm. Do guide me if i should apply or not?
    As after going through the comments here, i am a lot confused.

  11. I am a 4th year student , and i interned at the kochi office of this firm. I went through a brief initiation process where i was introduced to all 56 associates in that office. The partners were friendly but i was concerned about my performance as it was my first internship. Later that day, i was invited by a friendly associate to his place where he cooked food. The food was awesome and i asked him how had obtained such a command over his culinary skills. Upon inquiry he told me that he was a passout from Institute of Hotel Management Catering & Nutrition, Pusa and had a degree in hotel management. Later he pursued his llb from CLC delhi university. The next day i was unable to reach the office on time as i had stayed at the associate’s place and upon waking up i found out that my clothes were washed and i was wearing his shirt. He drove me to the office and on the way we had breakfast at some bakery. The day at office was tiring and all i wished all day was to get back home and sleep. Everyday, at the firm we had assemblies similar to the one we had at school. We sang the national anthem followed by an associate speaking the thought for the day. The office was spacious spread across a floor area of 10 acres (approx.). The food at the firm was delicious and we were given complementary chapattis with every meal. There was a lot of work as most of the associates were inefficient and part-time. The best part about this firm is that it excels in humanitarian work, as there was a homeless person always lying on the floor next to the counter. We were instructed to feed him regularly. Moreover the center of attraction of the office is a chocolate fountain that feeds all the employees. Due to this over-consumption of chocolate, associates suffer from diarrhea and dysentery on a regular basis. Overall, the internship experience was wonderful and i was paid Rs. 5000 (Nepalese currency) at the end. I wish the firm a good luck in future.

    • LMAO!!! First of all, the firm is not as big as it claims it to be. 56 associates, u serious? Are we still talking about banthia & co. or latham & watkins here? Height of fakeness…
      The extra friendly associate and interns relationship… again not acceptable and something which is not possible other than in some dream world…
      The chocolate fountain.. is it still a firm or we have shifted the topic to some hotel..
      10 acres of area… use your common sense.. its not real..
      The guy posting didn’t care to define any type of work which he was assigned but rather emphasized a lot on extra stuff.. which sometimes help a student while deciding about a firm for internship.. but only defining non relevant stuff won’t be of any help..
      This all sounds like a false promotion..
      Tell me.. if the firm is seriously this big then why don’t we see its name in any legal rankings..

      P.s- Posting guy, we are certainly not interested in whose place you crashed in last night and who washes your clothes.. Do enlighten us about the work you undertook there…otherwise it all sounds like a fake post..

      • You are jealous that you were not selected for an internship at this firm despite applying thrice. We all know how big Banthia and Co. is and how smart and pleasing Mr.Neelesh Ji Banthia is.

        • FYI, I never applied for any internship in any of your offices so the question of getting jealous and applied thrice doesn’t even arise.I think you need to check your database once again.
          A friend of mine did actually interned at Bhopal office, his experience is a guiding principle for me to not apply in any of the offices of Banthia. There is no work just talking going on in the office all the time. Its like a no work and only talking zone.
          My question still remains the same despite everything, if banthia is as big a it claims then why dont we see it anywhere in any of the legal rankings. As per the claims made by the firm, it ought to be as big as the top tier law firms but again there is certainly no mention of the firm anywhere.
          P.S- this is the most controversial internship experience here with varied opinions.
          Also, i need not be jealous from banthia as i am already placed at a top tier law firm unlike banthia.

        • I am still interning with this law firm at Bhopal office and I feel that what Sameer Maddy has written is all non sense. Kindly come and intern and then only you will understand how big the firm is. Regarding ranking this firm does not believe in advertising or promotion as they have clients from almost 6 decades. I totally disagree with the views of NLIU student. Its not good to speak against those who are actually giving platform to students like us to grow. In case of ratification you can call me on 09893086870.

          • Rajesh Gautam, i called you on your cell phone, this is rude. Firstly you invite girls to call you, then […]? and btw, your spoken english is […], does banthia law firm operate in hindi?

          • Rajesh, this is message from your inner conscience, i beg you to mend you ways. This is comments section and not a public toilet so stop giving out your phone number.

    • Hi Sameer Maddy I hope you actually enjoyed the work when you interned at Kochi office of Banthia & Co. Advocates, but please it’s my humble request to not unnecessary talk about things which are not suitable for this platform. I have interned in Banthia and Co. Advocates for about 6 times and work part time for them and also looking for it as my future career option not because I didn’t get anywhere else but this is the best I can get; I very well know about in and out of this firm if any person has any issue they can contact me, any of the associate or top management directly. We are not begging here to anyone to intern in any of our offices, we just act as a platform to make students learn. No one in Banthia and Co. Advocates is getting benefited by making interns learn the work or tell them about practical intricacies of legal world; going by the policy of the firm of trying to give back something to society, everyone in firm just try to provide opportunity to students who are interested in learning in firm, if anyone is not interested we really don’t care.
      So I request everyone using this platform not to put unnecessary comments to defame the firm as everyone here is too small to challenge any person related to this firm and no one in firm actually gets affected by that. This firm has reputation of serving in legal field from last 70 years and none of the students commenting unnecessarily here has even a year experience that they are challenging the authenticity of the firm. We all here using this platform are either professionals or being to be professionals so it is requested that please grow up and act professionally.

      P.S. for any queries regarding firm you can contact me at pallavidaryani20@gmail.com

  12. My internship experience of 4 weeks at Banthia and Co. Advocates has been really wonderful. The working atmosphere is very different from that of other law firms. One gets an opportunity to interact with sir and other lawyers quite often. If you have a doubt then you can easily approach Mr. Neelesh Banthia. He is the most amazing person and would take out time from his busy schedule to resolve the queries and share his experiences. One does not need to worry about completion of the work assigned as there are no deadlines; one can work at his/her own pace. There are different types of files kept in the office for interns. One can read them and clarify his doubts or can also undertake practical work. If the work assigned is done in a proper manner then one also gets a stipend. I also received stipend. Mr. Neelesh Banthia focuses on more of imparting practical knowledge rather than on theoretical aspects.
    Harsha Asnani
    2nd Year
    Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad

  13. Interning under Mr. Neelesh Banthia at the principal office at Bhopal of Banthia and Co. Advocates for 4 weeks has given me the best internship experience so far. He has been very friendly and approachable. When I had started my internship, for the first few days I was very shy but later on sir kept on motivating me and that motivation have made me determined to freely communicate. His associates were also very helpful whenever I had any query. In office there were files for interns so that they can learn basics of various deeds. I have done some practical work which has facilitated to the learning process. If the work assigned is done in a proper manner then one also gets a stipend I also received stipend for the work I did. My internship experience has been really worthwhile.
    Sakshi Mantri
    2nd Year
    Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad

  14. I have interned at Banthia & Co. Advocates in the month of June 2015. It was a great learning experience. I interned at the head office of the firm i.e, Bhopal where i had the privilege of working directly under Mr. Neelesh Banthia who is the most chilled out and friendly lawyer i ever came across. during my internship Drafted Recovery, trademark and Eviction notices, etc.Also assisted in translating the documents. Worked upon Revenue laws of State of M.P. i also got opportunity to be a part of national conference on property law,2015 organised by the firm.
    Mr. Banthia is very approachable person. the associates working with him are really helpful. Mr. Rajesh Giri, and Mr. Rajesh Rajput, they are real help. if you do not get any concept, they will sit and teach you like school teacher. Overall it was a great learning experience.

  15. I have interned at Banthia & Co. Advocates in the month of July 2015. It was a great internship experience. The branch (Bhopal) in which I was interning dealt in various property law related matters. Though their practice covers vast array of laws, I focused my internship on property related matters. Mr. Neelesh Banthia personally looks after the Bhopal branch. The best part of the internship was that Mr. Banthia himself gave personal attention to all the interns working under him. Every evening he called the interns with all the queries they had while dealing with the work which was allotted. The environment of the firm is “free approach and work” environment. Interns were free to approach the associates who accordingly allotted work to the interns. I regularly pursued the associates to get work. As a result I always had something to work on. I assisted in drafting O 39 R1 & R2Petition, Complaint u/s 138 of N.I. Act, Legal Notice, Property due diligence w.r.t MP Land Revenue Code and much more.
    Mr. Banthia is very approachable person and always ready to help out interns in every respect. Even the associates working with him were very approachable. I worked under the guidance of three associates in the firm. Mr. Rajesh Giri, Mr. Rajesh Rajput and Mr. Jagdish helped me out with various concepts of law in legal practice. Overall it was a great learning experience.

  16. Hi Friends !!! It was indeed a great experience specially working in India in Mini Metro city. I am student of Kings College, London in final year. I shortlisted lot of firms in India and finally landed to Banthia & Co. Advocates. In the beginning I worked for 4 days in Mumbai office and there Mr. Neelesh Banthia came for his routine visit. After meeting him I found him generous, intelligent and wonderful person so I requested for transfer in the office where he will be stationed. I am privileged to work under him in Bangalore and Bhopal office where he explained me the ifs and buts of legal system. It was really a wonderful and awesome experience in working under his guidance and that’s the reason I wish to join his London office for future work and start my career from their onwards. My personal regards to him.

    Lauren Shelfon

  17. This is total misrepresentation and fraud. The firm does not have offices all over the country and the number of people working at the firm would barely exceed 20 even if you add Mr. Banthia’s family members! This was confirmed after certain research I did into the firm when I had first applied. Not being a resident of Bhopal, I wanted to be sure if this firm is as good as it advertises to be and thus, pursue the internship. The fun starts when you apply at the firm. One receives supposed interview calls post 10pm, WITHOUT ANY PRIOR INTIMATION. This continued for two days which raised , certain doubts since, no law firm I have ever heard of, which calls prospective candidates post 10pm and that too two days in a row ranging 3-4 missed calls. When I did call back on the third day, I was again called post 10pm; this time I answered. While Truecaller indicated the number was of Mr. Neelesh Banthia, I was surprised to find the man on the other side could barely speak proper English! All that for the advertisement! I categorically asked why does the firm not feature on Barandbench.com or Legallyindia.com or RSG atleast? This man, suddenly gets aggressive and tells me, “You are just one law student, yeah tumhara business nahi hain. No firm will give you opportunity.” The conversation ended with equal retort of aggression from my end, while this […] Mr. Banthia asked me to never apply to any of their offices in India, again. Dear […] Banthia, how would I ever? Those offices exist only in your perverted dreams.

    • Dear Anonymous person. No comments. Just see our website and visit offices. Its a mere frustration of not getting internship in our offices as the slots are already full. If you have courage please call me on 09893086870 for proper reply.

      • “If you have courage please call me”
        Woah mate! Why does one need courage to call ya?
        What business do y’all run there?

  18. I have interned in the Bhopal office of the firm under Mr. Neelesh Banthia , the owner of the firm in the month of May’2015. During my internship in he office as i am not well versed with drafting, i was made to read the Internship files containing various cases by the firm and doubts, i must say you can directly approach sir or other advocates without any hesitation. The best part of the internship which i felt was that getting to interact with sir himself and not through various mediators which u face everywhere while approaching the owner himself.
    He is a really friendly and jovial person who takes care of the interns very well and i felt as not being treated only as a mere intern but as someone part of the firm. We were offered juices daily as it was summers and that was a delight and sometimes ice-creams too. As i was youngest among the lot, i wasn’t made to treat inferior to other interns, on the contrary, i was also taken up by sir directly and he explained me my tasks. The drawback that i felt was that he himself is unaware when he turns sarcastic and personal on his interns. His jokes sometimes turned weird and personal.
    overall, with flexible timings of work and no burden on you, it was a good experience

  19. I have also interned at Banthia and Co. for a duration of 4 weeks at its head office. It was a different experience all together. Another very interesting part of the work was meeting the Mr. Nelesh Banthia(Owner of the firm) who is one of the most chilled person i have ever met. He is very friendly, we have asked several questions related to law and law in practice, he answered very patiently. We have drafted various notices, Plaint, written submission and various witnesses the client meetings. The people who don’t know what the KHASRA means or the importance of this term, it is better for them to leave the property law as their choice in near future. And if any one has problem relating to working environment and integrity of firm, they can contact me.
    Rajneesh Dubey
    School of Law, KIIT University (Best part of this firm, it also gives opportunity to non-NLU students)
    Email id- rajneesh.rdubey@gmail.com

  20. I have also interned at Banthia and Co. Advocates for a duration of 3 months and this firm was the best among all the others where i have interned before. I interned at the head office of the firm i.e, Bhopal where i had the privilege of working directly under Mr. Neelesh Banthia who is the most chilled out and friendly lawyer i ever came across. Interns working under the firm usually gets the opportunity to interact with his clients personally. I worked with Mr. Banthia and his associates in various property related matters during my course of internship. All the documents of the firm are in english, so the question of hindi documents does not even arise.
    The comments made by people regarding the authenticity of the firm are vague and absurd.

  21. Dear KAy3G, Our plans for abroad are already there due to our establishment. First of all you arrange your table and chair in starting of your career. Then talk of something else.

  22. Dear friends, Greetings to all!!!
    To tell you the truth I know Mr. Neelesh Banthia for couple of years and recently after getting inspired from him I have started his office in the name of Banthia Legal Services UK Limited having Company No. 9383091. Registered on 12.01.2015 and registered office address is :- 18 Bracewood Gardens Croydon CR0 5JL United Kingdom. He doesn’t believe in advertising his law firm as his firm was established by his Great Grand Father in 1927, registered by his Grand Father in 1953 and at present being run by himself and his father. He is a very approachable and kind hearted person and anyone can meet him or call him anytime, provided he is free. It is also a fact that apart from the offices mentioned in the website, he is having more than that because recently I am already working with his other office heads in starting a project. I firmly believe that his attitude towards new comers in the legal industry is excellent. I wish him good luck.

    • Hi Friends. A very Good afternoon to all. To inform you in short that I am working with Sir for more than 15 years and I visited all his offices and known to most of the staff. Whatever shown in the website is only half of it. Actually he is holding more than offices as mentioned and more employees are rendering their valuable services to him because of his calm, quite and humorous attitude towards all of us. He is one of the fantastic person whom I came across in life and prefer to work with him only. It is good opportunity for the entrants to come and work with him and learn the basic norms. Whatever one student quoted about his firm is all not believable and can show how sick he is. Thanks.

  23. This is the best firm where I ever worked. I joined Mysore office where Mr Banthia was there on big missionary case. He always explained the case to all the interns in the morning and took us to the court for proceedings. We interacted with clients also and got stipend too.Mr. Neelesh was so caring and concern with all of us during his stay in Mysore office. As a result we all 5 interns now are lawyers working with full satisfaction in his indore office. Regards to our Sir always!!!!

    • i Don’t doubt banthia’s integrity or raising any questions on this firm but i have a simple confusion about one thing you quoted “This is the best firm where I ever worked” because it is pretty clear from your comment that interned at the firm’s mysore office and got recruited fro Indore office then how come you can say that it is the best frim you have ever worked in?

      P.S: Banthia surely Seems a big enough Firm but why Does every comment here looks to have been written by One single person (Going by the tone, same grammatical mistakes, and persistent Emphasis on abroad trips :))

      • Dear Sandeep, Sorry for the interruption. I too interned in his Newdelhi office and at present working satisfactory in his Bhopal office with full freedom and liberty. I don’t want to emphasis on abroad trips but certainly I went number of times to abroad by this firm only.For further details you please free to call me on 09893254838.All the best to you.

  24. I also worked in this office for more then 5 times and I think my experiences were the best in the profession. I worked under the boss directly hence I interacted with more than150 personnel plus staff of other offices also. I think the total staff is more than 350 personnel with more than 16 offices. Anyone is free to go and verify this. One should not waste time in challenging big players.bye

    • Hi, reading the comments has been an entertaining exercise.

      We have no reason to doubt that Banthia is big firm with hundreds of employees and dozens of offices.

      However, a question does arise: Why does Banthia not figure in trusted listings like Legal500.com, Chambers & Partners or RSG Consulting India?

      Also, I don’t remember seeing a Legally India or a Bar and Bench coverage related to a firm called Banthia.

      • We r already member of bar association of India,Supreme Court association,all the high courts of india along with membership of international council of jurists and central East european law initiative of American bar association.please verify it at their respective offices.thanks.

          • Please check our membership number as 1 – B-00279. kindly send your email id we can scan and send you the certificate. Its so irony that persons like you can go to such extent.

  25. believe me whatever written here is either fake or just hyped. i even doubt that this post is written by […] only. dont waste yourv time and money opt for something more appropriate and genuine.

    • You have not applied in our office so the management does’nt know about you. Better concentrate in studies otherwise rolling stone gathers no mass. You will remain there from where you started. Thanks and good luck to you.

  26. Hie, m also a law student and applied there.. r u saying is true ?? Really nd what about his website http://www.banthialawfirms.com . nd my frn also interned there she says that he is genuine and he is very co operative.. He says that every month 10 interns come here. he also said that his forefather establishes the company and now he is the owner of the company/firm heand his wife manage the firm

    If this is true can u prove because i m eagerly waiting to know.???

  27. I am a third year NALSAR student who enthusiastically interned at the firm after reading this post. i feel it is necessary to share the flaws of the features about the frim highlighted there.
    well! it’s true that Neelesh banthia is always available and easily approachable but the harsh reality is that ther is no relevance of works he assigns to do. he made me translate his case documents(b’cos he only has Hindi cases) , something called ‘Khasra’ which he himself failed to explain.he gives all interns four different files which includes a copy if various legal legal documents likes gift/sale deed, agreements etc. he neither has 10 offices nor 250 associate (everything is made up). he introduce me to a guy who works in his office as messenger from last 5 years and claimed that the guy is a NLU delhi graduate which is impossible because NLU dlehi has only 2 passed out batches till date.(when my friend highlighted this fact he called him a professional failure ).

    • It’s all nonsense and absurd. You have not applied in our law firm for internship.secondly I don’t deal Hindi documents at all hence the question of translation does not arise at all. These are all stories made by the frustrated minds. You are talking about 10 offices but for your information we are having 16 offices in India and 3 in abroad.kindly check it and if you want a tour of all the indian offices please forward a request letter and the concerned person will show you all the offices and you can count the no. Of persons working also. Actually this is sheer jealousy made by a rat to the lion. Anyway we have seen lot of people wandering from post to pillars every where. Better concentrate on studies and don’t fight with big players of this industry. My deep curses to you.

      • Even u r not afford to conduct tour for all our offices then please tell us. We will provide u money as well as convenience to conduct the tour. When everything goes well kindly shave your head and then come to our any offices for pardon.hahaha

        • Going by the grammar used in your comments and the use of words/phrases (such as ‘shave your head’), we’d prefer not doing the tour of your offices. Anyway, we wish you and your firm, good luck!

        • Also, Ms. Pallavi Daryani, your last two comments are not only grammatically wrong but factually confusing too:

          “Comment 1: I also worked in this office for more then 5 times and I think my experiences were the best in the profession”

          “Comment 2: Even u r not afford to conduct tour for all our offices then please tell us.”

          Have you worked in the office in the past for more than (not then) 5 times or is this ‘still’ ‘your’ office?

          • Still I am in the offices and I am already placed in this office during my third year of internship.at present I am working in this office for international assignments and flying abroad on 20th of April.if any one wants I can produce the ticket and visa also. I really hats off to this firm for giving me a break at such a small age. Thanks to the entire management.

          • So, do students put together make that 200-300 (employees) number?

            BTW for most law firmites going abroad is a ‘normal’ process.

          • I wonder why Banthia isn’t known to anyone, considering the no. of offices and Associates, it must be as big as Amarchand-AZB . on a totally diffrenet note: With This Grammar, i would suggest you to drop your “abroad” plans completely.

    • NALSAR Student, Whatever you have said is all wrong, concocted and made up stories of your own frustrated mind. You might have some bad experience of something else and unnecessary you are targeting a person who is a Gem in the legal profession. I know him personally as I work too close to him because I look after his internal office correspondences. Don’t try to criticize others and spend your time in studies only. The level where he is reached is impossible for you even to dream. You are only a student of zero year of experience. For further clarification you can call me also on my mobile number 08435781794.


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