My Internship Experience as an Australian Intern with Rignaya and Associates LLP, Mumbai

By Rachana Shastri, University of New South Wales Australia, 2nd year Commerce and Law Student.

Name and address of organisation

Rignàya & Associates LLP, 401-A, Town Centre- II, Opp. Times Square, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400 059.

Application procedure

Resume and Live Interview Process.

First day formalities

I was introduced to all the team members, shown around the office, given my desk and my email was set up on the company devices.

For my first task, as I was inexperienced, I was assigned reading, which would assist my understanding of the upcoming cases I would be working on.

Everyone at the Office is not only professional but very friendly and I was immediately made to feel like a part of the team.

Main work

Rignaya is divided into litigation and non-litigation branches and thus I was exposed to both; the intricacies of Corporate contracts, while also working on Documentation and research for Summary Suits.

I was given live cases to work on, which involved everything from the handling and sorting of documentation for Evidence, to the drafting of Legal Documents and the editing of  Plaints.

Rignaya deals with cases from the Civil Court to the Supreme Court and so I was fortunate enough to be able to work on, and do research for, a variety of cases from different disciplines of law.

Best things

My internship with Rignaya offered me a holistic overview of the legal profession as I gained experience in both non-litigation and litigation.

I am so grateful that I was brought to listen in during high profile client meetings. These gave me a detailed insight into client interactions and how to effectively manage client expectations; experiences which can only be obtained through internships.

However, the key reason why working at Rignaya was such a positive experience was because curiosity and independent thought is encouraged there.

The partners, with their combined industry knowledge and expertise, were always willing to help answer any of my questions and they set aside time from their busy schedules, to teach and mentor me.

They were kind enough to give me advice about the industry, which has helped me gain a deeper insight into the future path I would like to consider in Law. I was also presented with a Certificate and Letter of Recommendation after the completion of the Internship which will, no doubt, be of vital assistance in the future.

My internship with Rignaya was an invaluable experience as it showed me how, the black letter law which is taught in University, is practically applied.

Bad things


Stipend, if any

None in my case.


Living with family in Andheri, but the office shares close proximity with the Marol Naka Metro Station making it easily accessible.


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