Internship Experience @ Atman Law Partners, Bangalore

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Arpitpushp Chaturvedi, Jindal Global Law School, 4th year BA.LLB,

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Atman Law Partners, Bangalore, 10-15

Application Process

The application process is pretty simple and transparent. You would have to mail them about a month and a half in advance and they will revert back if there’s an availability in about 1 or 2 weeks.

You have to mail them your CV along with preferred dates and duration and a cover letter in the body of your mail at

Additionally you can call them at +91-80-41713335 if you don’t receive a reply in about two weeks although you are most likely to receive a reply within a reasonable period.

Duration of internship and timings

The duration of my Atman Law Partners’ internship was four weeks in the month of July. Normally everyone interning over there is for four-six weeks.

The timings are 9am – 6pm with a lunch break around 1pm or 2pm. The timings are not very flexible but you wont be scolded for coming in late one or two days.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First impression that you get from the firm is that everyone is just too busy doing their work, visiting courts and meeting clients which is actually true. Although the firm has very few associates and two partners, everyone works round the clock and is hardworking.

On the first day you are supposed to meet the partners at the firm who will introduce you to the work you are supposed to do during the internship and the timings and all. First day is pretty relaxed and basically spent in getting to know the work.

The Atman Law Partners’ office is a small but in one of the posh areas of Bangalore at infantry road which is a two minute walk from M.G. Road. There is discussion room which is used by the interns and is very rarely used by anyone else.

Main tasks

The main tasks during the internship include visiting courts, preparing synopsis for the cases and a major part of the internship goes in doing research work for the ongoing cases and finding relevant material. You could also be involved in drafting for a short period of time regularly.

At the end you will have to make a presentation on a topic of your choice and submit an internship report.

Work environment and people

The work environment is very relaxed. The people are very welcoming and enthusiastic. Help is always there whenever you want it. You will have around 2-4 co-interns with you during the internship which makes it easier.

Even the associates at the firm are very friendly and helpful. Everyone is polite and almost everyday they have their fun moments which takes away the boredom.

Best things

The best thing regarding the internship is that they take sufficient care that you end up learning something from the internship and are always working on something while also assuring that you are not overworked keeping in mind that you are just an intern.

During lunch time and after office hours it takes you just two minutes to reach either the popular commercial street or the famous M.G.Road and Brigade road and having fun here is never a problem.

Bad things

Sometimes when everyone is in the office and not at the court there is a sort of space crunch and you have to change places quite a bit in order to accommodate everyone and the clients.



Biggest Lessons

Sincerity is a great virtue and you will be really appreciated for it. They don’t put up with a laid back attitude as they want you to end up with a good learning experience rather than just a certificate.


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