Name of the student

Saif Ali, RGNUL, Patiala, 2nd year

Name of the organization. City

Office of Advocate Jogaram Patel( former MLA of Rajasthan legislative assembly) and Advocate Ashok Patel, Rajasthan high court and district court Jodhpur

Duration of the internship

1 July-30 July

How big was the office? Team strength?

The office is not very big. It’s located in a primarily residential locality (Sard arpura) a easily findable locality of Jodhpur. It’s an up-market locality.

Mr. Jogaram mainly works in High Court and Mr. Ashok normally works in District Court Jodhpur. In office there was 5 junior and son of Mr. Jogaram also works.

Application procedure. Internship contact details      

I found the internship through a personal contact.

However you can contact them directly calling on their number .

They will take you if they have vacant place for interns

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

I worked there for 1 month.

But it is possible to increase or decrease time period according to your comfort

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I am from Jodhpur so accommodation was not a problem for me.

But you find good PGs nearby very easily.

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

I first met them in court.

They took us to all courts of district court and told the function and working off each court separately.

They told me the basic concepts of the court .

Main tasks       

It is best place to interns from 1st year and 2nd year. From 10:30am to 4pm I remained with them in courts. That was a very good experience.

I learnt how to argue a case, your way to argue with judge, your way to ask question from witness, witness cross examination and many more basics of a lawyer in court. I met with many other lawyers through them. In court his 5 associates also work so it is very easy for you to get work.

In office I worked with their assistants and that was one of the best part of my internship. They all are very young and supportive. You can ask them anything anytime. In office I usually worked on files of next day case and prepares their brief.

Work environment, people

All are very good and supporting.

If you want leave from office or court they will give you permission very easily.

Best things? 

Best thing was court and his assistants. In lunch time in court you can talk with them in canteen of high court that is too good

Bad things? 

Almost your all day and night will spend in work. From 10am to 4pm in court and from 7pm to 10:30 pm in office.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

We were 3 interns and we were good friends so that is a good thing of internship. Rajasthan high court is situate in city area of Jodhpur so there were many places to chill out like public park just outside of court, zoo, hotels and multiplex.

You can have famous mirchi bada of Jodhpur nearby and best place is canteen of court. Office is also in prime area near park and market

Stipend/ month

No stipend. Some things in life are invaluable.

I think learnt as much there as i knew in my one year of college.

Contact number: 9829354567(Mr Ashok Patel)

9414774958(Mr Anil Rathi- Assistant)


  1. I believe grammar and english have nothing to do with the college you tend to study in. Well if you are trying to mock him as he and NLU student, then go ahead.. 🙂

    • And I believe grammar and English have a lot to do with the college one studies in.. After all, this reflects the manner in which one is groomed in/by the college.

      • Do you seriously think English of a single student reflects the image of entire university, if so!! I pity you and your deciphering skills.

        • Hahahahahaa!!
          Thanks for being so much SYMPATHETIC towards the person..Your sympathies were much needed
          And ofcourse that does not reflect the image of the entire University but yeah to a PART of the University to a great extent!!

        • Anonymous never saw my name..I very clearly wrote “just saying”..thereby implying a mere opinion and not something factual argument!
          God…people rarely read complete comments!!

  2. English man!
    This piece needs serious corrections!
    Surprising though, Law student from RGNUL have such pathetic English?????
    And then they say that all NLU students are better than others!! :p
    Still wondering..HOW?
    Is he better???

    • Not everybody is born with silver spoon in his mouth, neither did everyone go to some glazing convent school. What if this person did his education from some regional school? Grow up people instead of mocking someone and the University appraise them for their attempt.
      Inspite of all odds this fellow reached NLU, and not you.

      • This fellow reached NLU and not me..LOL!!
        I am studying in a better NLU than he is!!
        So stop coming up with such FACTUAL STATEMENTS

        • Ever wondered where he comes from? His background, maybe?

          There are so many people who because of their hard work and perseverance reach heights, which others only dream about. This guy is one of those kids. Those making fun of him, do enlighten me about your glorious achievements (apart from the fact that your English seems to be better than him).

          • HAHAHAHA!!
            This anonymous guy seems to be quite obsessed with the author of this internship experience. I mean..C’mon..
            Such brats seriously needs to grow up and look beyond. Indeed, the piece have quite MAJOR and APPARENT grammatical and vocab errors, which is very much UNEXPECTED from an NLU students atleast. But yes, Random said that all NLU students are better than others; no this ain’t the case. Only the top 5 NLU students (spare those who comes in through some quotas and all) are better than others, but even this does not mean that other students cannot be better. I myself have seen so many good students who can blow off an NLU student despite studying in a non-NLU college.
            And why fight over issues which are not even worth anyone’s time. Everyone has a right to express his/her opinion irrespective of the fact that whether it is in favour or against someone’s argument.
            Anonymous..CHILL dude!!
            Get over it!

          • @Anonymous: Who the hell are you to ask me about my achievements. Whatever I have achieved, is none of your concern. I am not accountable to answer each and every question you ask. Plus, I know what I am and I am pretty much proud of myself and my achievements and to prove that I do not need to answer to jack*ss like u…


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