Internship Experience @ Advocate Hiyadat Mukadam, Thane District Court, Mumbai: Learnt the Basics of Litigation

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Udayan Sanyal, Hidayatullah National Law University, 2nd year

Name of Organisation, Location (city)

Advocate Hidayat Mukadam, Thane District Court, Mumbai

Application Process

The advocate works in Thane District Court and has his office near to it.

I approached him on 1st May and started working from 2nd May.

Duration of internship and timings

It was for 21 days.

The timings were between 11am to 5:00 pm at Thane District Court.

On certain days one had to stay till 6 pm.

First impression, first day formalities

On the first day Hidayat sir showed me the memo he was going to present in court regarding a family case.

I went to the family court with him.

He told me about the basic procedures in court.

We stayed in the court premises for the entire day.

The Bar Association Room was a crowded place where we rested and had lunch.

Main tasks

Observed the proceedings of district civil court, sessions court and district family Court.

Helped in drafting of petition.

Learnt to search dates and status of various cases in the court through the register.

Did research regarding family laws.

Work environment and people

Sir works mainly in the criminal court and family court.

The Thane district court is a bit chaotic.

But Sir ensured that I got used to it pretty quickly.

Best things

Sir was very helpful and liberal in terms of timings and leaves.

Bad things

I didn’t get much work.

There was no spoon feeding.

Proceedings were very boring.



Biggest Lessons

Understood the basics of district court.


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