Internship Experience @ Advocate Govind Saxena, Allahabad High Court: Good Environment, No Stipend

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Name of Organization, Location (city), Team Strength

State Law Office (SLO), High Court of Judicature at Allahabad, Under Mr. Govind Saxena, Additional Government Advocate-1, High Court of Judicature at Allahabad.

Application Process (with contact details)

The application procedure is very simple.

One just needs to carry an approval letter from college Head/Dean/Coordinator plus a copy of his/her college identity card along with 2 photographs and approach the reception office of the building in the ground floor, during 10 a.m.-12 p.m. (not “strictly” but, advised) and they will confirm the internship once they get satisfied with the documents.

Duration of internship and timings

The internship is of 20 days (officially) and there 5 working days in a week.

The timings are same as court hours, i.e., 10 am- 5 pm, but one is not generally expected to attend the court proceedings till 5 and can leave after lunch at 1.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure:

My first impression was not an ideal one, as I had arrived a bit too early and since there was no electricity in the office, I had to bear my formals in scorching summer of June.

On the first day, there were absolutely no formalities except a casual introduction.

We were introduced to our fellow interns. Mr. Govind Saxena was the person under whom we were to intern. He was AGA-1.

He asked me to introduce myself and he also asked few questions to test my basic knowledge of law.

The internship is all about attending court sessions at High Court, Allahabad, so he asked me which type of court I wanted to attend, civil or criminal, and I told him that I am interested in attending a Court dealing with civil matters.

Main tasks

The main purpose of the 20-day internship is to attend the court proceedings at the High Court, Allahabad in order to make students aware of the various practical aspect of the Court proceedings.

It definitely helps one to understand the application of various procedural laws in the real circumstances.

One gets an opportunity to witness the live court proceedings from a place just in front of the judge.

Also, One gets to witness some beautiful argumentation by eminent lawyers of the High Court who present themselves so precisely before the court.

In the meantime, if you feel bored with attending those court proceedings, you can come back to chamber and Sir will give you probably the best notes and study materials on various topics in law in his free time

Work environment and people

Since one has to be the part of court rooms where everyone comes for his/her own purpose, everything will be so much formal and self-oriented.

But, one can definitely have the company of co-interns.

Govind Sir is a very humble, fun-loving, intelligent and a hard-working person.

He is not among those bossy people around.

He always supports and helps the students who seriously want to do the internship but at the same time he does not believe in running around the undisciplined ones.

Best things

I would suggest this internship for those who are either willing to join the field of litigation or want to opt for the civil examinations such as PCS(J), or IAS, because you get very useful knowledge of the application of procedural laws.

Also, you don’t need to run around every time for collecting your certificate once you have completed your internship.

Either you will be informed about when your certificates are ready or if you are not from Allahabad, you will get the certificates via post at your mentioned address.

Bad things

The most irritating thing which I probably found or experienced was the electricity problem in the office building.

There were sometimes too many faults in the electricity supply and you have to sit there bearing the scorching heat in complete formals.

Also in certain courtrooms you will find that the proceedings are not audible properly due to faulty speakers or microphones (something which one can’t help with), due to which you probably get no idea of what’s happening around!


No Stipend. Only a recognized certificate after the successful completion of the Internship.

Biggest Lessons

The main lesson I learnt there was that, its not always those high-profile, well-dressed up, chauvinistic, “good-at-English” lawyers who argue the best and ultimately win their case, but, sometimes one is shocked to see a new-comer, young, passionate, “not-so-good-at-English” lawyers who just beautifully argues for 10 minutes and gets the decision done in his favor.

So never get depressed and hopeless to see such a huge crowd roaming in black and white staring at you from all the corners, rather have a firm faith in yourself and the knowledge you possess.


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