Place of internship: Desai & Diwanji, Gurgaon.

Office size: Office was big. Around 25 people were on duty.

Duration/timings: 4 Weeks. 28 days. 10 am to 7 pm.

First impression: Disgusting. First impression was why I came to Desai and Diwanji, Gurgaon. I would always repent for having accepted this internship.

Your only formality in the internship is to get the biometric card on the first day & give it back on the last day. Additionally get scolding from handful of Associates who consider it as their deemed birth right.

Main tasks: There were no works. Whenever you go to any Associate and ask for work – they would never give you any work because they themselves had very little work.

But be guaranteed to get abuses from people there telling you that you don’t do any work. Most of the works were clerical in nature even for final year students.

Work environment: Work environment was good. People were also good for one of the main reason nobody bothers or talks you. Only two or three people would keep a track on you.

One male associate who was in-charge was decent and good. But few people there would always want to screw you as if it is their hereditary right.

Best thing: Best thing is it is stress-free. As there are very little works you will have enormous free time. You will get unlimited Tea or Coffee.

Bad things: Countless worsts. They tell you that you have do a presentation on some topic at the beginning of the internship. But they wouldn’t bother to tell you when you have to submit the work or present your paper.

Suddenly sometime they would come and thrash you as if you’ve committed a heinous murder. People who would never bother whether Interns come or go would be so much bothered at the end of the Internship about presentation and be rest assured you would be screwed, humiliated during the presentation from till moment unseen people called as Associates.

One of the interns who didn’t do the presentation well was made to cry very badly. Well; do they have the courtesy to leave off at that moment? No. They even went again after he/she is back in her cabin to humiliate her more and more to make him/her feel worst and cry more. Simply they enjoy humiliating you badly in front of others towards the end of your Internship to show their superiority.

More than all that; if you do this internship do you think they will bother to give you a certificate? If Yes – You’re a fool then. Do not expect a prompt certificate from them at the last day of your internship (At all other firms I interned I got the certificate on the final day). Leave it.

After your internship do you think you will get the certificate? No. You won’t unless you make more than dozens of calls. You should be lucky to get the certificate at first point at an Internship here.

Few of my co-interns decided not to beg any more for certificates. They have convinced their mind that they will try to forget such a horrendous internship that they don’t even want to have a certificate in the memory.

Finally, to one of the intern what happened you know? He/She had to board the train that night somewhere 100 kms away from the internship place and wanted to leave early on the last day through a public transport system (which he/she usually takes).

The more diligent and structured firm wanted her to stay long that particular day and said her to take a taxi and go late. This is nothing but a mere mental torture. Have they ever bothered to give any work in the rest of 27 days to come and poke you only on the 28th day?

Please have some heart! Do not treat interns like untouchable people. I am sorry to say that Karma will give back its best one day or other.

karma: scary or serene?

What did you do to chill: Co-interns at Desai and Diwanji are someone who can help you in case you land up in this place by means of company and time spending at this devastated place.

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  1. ExIntern, as much as this review should be certified for its veracity, so should your comment. Your comment appears completely biased. At one point, you have stated that “My concern is not just related to negative reporting about Desai & Diwanji.” Then, you go on to say that:

    “My request to you is to atleast judge the veracity of such claims/allegations. If you google “internship at Desai & Diwanji”, you get 4 links to this post. For someone who is to take a decision, such negative reporting is a cause of worry. Further, if you allow such negative baseless reporting, this may also impact a law firm’s view towards taking interns.

    You must be aware of the concept of “libel” in law of torts. You are actually allowing defamation of a well known firm, by permitting someone to post on your website, that too anonymously.”

    “Libel”? Why would you be so bothered? I’d say that you’re an individual from the firm eager to save its reputation. And if you’re not, you shouldn’t be so agitated by a negative review. After all, an intern’s review doesn’t matter – in your own words, “some law student’s joining or not joining them for internship does not matter to them at all”.

      • @Administrator: I’ve read this article before – we’re on the same page here! 🙂
        What Anonymous has posted IS indeed a fair comment, and must not be seen as a defamatory one. But ExIntern’s comments are threatening. There was no reason for ExIntern to mention “libel” or any form of tortious action. From what I understand, ExIntern appears to be a member of the firm – and if not, he is definitely curbing the right of other people to post negative reviews.
        I’m not wholly biased towards “Anonymous” (the person who posted this review). intern@DandD, in that regard, has posted a fair comment. It does present the firm in a positive light, but it is a genuine review. That’s the ONLY thing that matters – a genuine review.
        All I’m saying is that even a threatening comment can dissuade people from being honest in their reviews, irrespective of anonymity. I’d want to post my own comments about the firms and lawyers I’ve worked with – but I don’t want to be bullied by people like ExIntern with the passive-aggressive threat of a legal action when I’m being honest. And it’s pretty clear that he is writing in the firm’s interest when he gives this gem of a comment:
        “Dear Author,

        I understand you got your certificate now. Would you care to modify your comments now.”

        Lawctopus does a fantastic job in recording internship experiences – it’s helped me with my internship decisions several times! I don’t want to see this forum ruined by internet trolls. Maybe Anonymous is wrong. Maybe ExIntern is correct. We’ll be the judge of that. But that does not mean ExIntern can post heavily biased and utterly disrespectful comments towards an anonymous review.

        • Oh, and this is just for ExIntern –

          “I understand you got your certificate now. Would you care to modify your comments now.”

          The ONLY way you’d have know that is that you were working in the firm. Nowhere has Anonymous even mentioned that he got the certificate later on. An intelligent, careful reading of your comments suggests that you are an associate – and a vindictive one! And I’m pretty sure where I’m NOT going to intern/work next time. I mean, if anyone’s defaming the firm, it’s you.

  2. This is so true. I do not understand why D&D even taken interns when they have no work. Also, I truly feel by the way ‘ExIntern’ is defending the firm, that he really night not be an intern there 😉

  3. Well though experiences differ from person to person, let me tell you that I have been there, interned there and can say that the author of the post is correct. Now the circumstances might have changed but what the author of the post has pointed out is very much true. Interns weren’t respected and were often ignored. But if you did good work , then its not that they were ridiculed too. Wasn’t a very pleasant experience though… and must say the person in charge of the interns was the most decent among all the others.

  4. To add to the present debate, all of us just went for a fellow Intern’s presentation in DandD and it was a great learning experience. I couldn’t comment on the presentation point earlier because i hadn’t seen what actually happens. But now we did.
    The Partner of the firm asked some very good questions and even helped the intern discover more about the topic. The associated also participated enthusiastically and made it an interactive session and we were all left with some very important points to ponder upon later.

  5. The author of this post should feel ashamed of taking her/his personal vendetta on a public forum. I have interned in D&D and can say with all confidence that it is one of the best places to intern. You get so much to learn there and people take genuine interest in you. As regards the work is concerned, though I really doubt that you have interned in any other firm, work is never the same and so the work pressure varies. Further, getting work during your internship also depends hugely on your own capabilities and how you are perceived by others, which in turn is a bye product of your own conduct. If u r the one to come late daily, or like bunking office as a practise, that goes against you and since you must be an adult by now (which is not reflected in your thoughts), its high time now for you to work on how u r perceived by people.

    Even the publishers/owners of Lawoctopus should become more responsible and if you are so immatured or are operating this website for fun sake, then better shut down this website. You are a part of media, the fourth pillar of democracy, atleast appreciate that a section of the law students follows your posts and relies on them. Please don’t let them be misguided by such obnoxious posts or atleast verify their credibility before you let them be posted on your website. You owe it to those law students and their parents. Thank you!

    • Hi,

      Being media, we owe a responsibility to give space to every view: positive, negative; saintly, sinful.

      This is surely coming from someone from someone who has actually interned at the firm. The credibility of the source of information is unquestionable.

      Also, we are publishing every comment, including those in favour of Desai and Diwanji.


      • Dear Administrator,

        My concern is not just related to negative reporting about Desai & Diwanji. I appreciate that even comments in support of Desai & Diwanji are being published. I hope you would agree that a firm like Desai & Diwanji does not care much about negative reporting (atleast regarding internships), as they are what they are and some law student’s joining or not joining them for internship does not matter to them at all. There are plenty of takers, and such firms always have a waiting list due to the limited internship slots they have. I can say this because now I am on the other side of the table and know how law firms take internship applications.

        My request to you is to atleast judge the veracity of such claims/allegations. If you google “internship at Desai & Diwanji”, you get 4 links to this post. For someone who is to take a decision, such negative reporting is a cause of worry. Further, if you allow such negative baseless reporting, this may also impact a law firm’s view towards taking interns.

        You must be aware of the concept of “libel” in law of torts. You are actually allowing defamation of a well known firm, by permitting someone to post on your website, that too anonymously.

        • Well, if law students don’t matter to a law firm; that’s sad.

          Veracity of the information, as I said, is proved. The internship is clearly coming from someone who has been there.

          This is not negative reporting/libel. This works like a movie review. A bad review doesn’t lead to defamation.

          • Dear Administrator,

            You can not equate internship at a law firm with a movie, as whilst the former is a career decision that would shape someone’s life, the latter is just an avenue for entertainment, and the same goes for reviews relating to them. Or does Lawctopus mean to suggest that interns should take their internships as an amusement activity??????

            As far as “libel” is concerned, if you are a lawyer, you would understand what I mean. If you are not a lawyer, just go to wikipedia and read about “libel”. The post published by your website reeks of vengeance. Why don’t you follow your own “policy on sharing internship experiences”, which states:
            “A good internship, and we’ll praise you. A bad internship, and we’ll berate you. We’ll never defame you.”

          • A movie review is an opinion on a movie; an internship review is an opinion about an internship. That’s what I am pointing at.

        • I agree with ExIntern to the extent that the internship experiences should be reviewed by the Website. I have read other internship experiences on Lawctopus and none of them sound this negative. The fact that there are other interns who are coming out to support the firm proves the (non) authenticity of the writer. As i said earlier, you need to make an effort too.
          This person seems to have made an opinion about the firm on the first day itself. He said the first impression was “Disgusting”. I wonder how he came to that conclusion on the first day of work. I am sure Lawcopus owes it to the future interns to review such experiences before posting them. It is true that this cannot be counted as Defamation or Libel but Lawctopus is a highly reliable source for law students. I think all experiences should double checked before they are posted on the site. Negative or positive.

  6. Wow. I was a little amused and quite shocked to read your whole experience. From my personal experience I thought Desai & Diwanji, Gurgaon was a great place to intern, and the fact that 2 of my co-interns were pursuing their 3rd internship there, (though ofcourse with an underlying hope of landing a PPO) would only further accentuate my point.
    Yes, the amount of work was not enough to give you sleepless nights, but it was still decent enough for me to say at the end of 6 weeks that I had learnt a lot about Corporate law and a firm’s working.
    And as far as the associates go, they were really helpful, sweet and really great to work with to say the least, this surely was one of those firms where I was not reluctant to go ask any of the associates regarding any my most stupidest doubts due to the fear of being ridiculed, which ofcourse gave me a better understanding of the subject matter I was working on.
    And ofcourse they not just ask you to make a paper presentation, but help you chose a topic, work on it, perfect it and tell you avenues where you could publish that paper, hence making up for the lack of work which may ensue during the course of internship.
    And as far as the presentation goes, while presenting I could see the genuine interest through the questions that were asked, constructive criticism if anything, which ofcourse has only helped.
    Well as far as certificates are concerned, as I have done in all my previous internships, I feel it is our responsibility as interns to remind them that “my last day of internship” is approaching so that the by the end your internship you leave with the certificate in hand, save when the company policy says otherwise.
    And ofcourse, as far as I was concerned the certificate was accompanied with a pretty decent internship stipend as well.
    So all in all, I’d say a great internship.

    P.S. This was my 4th internship at the time, and now pursuing my 5th one, and surely if i ever want to pursue Corporate Law, Desai&Diwanji would surely be among the top in the list.

  7. Hey, I’m sorry to read about your experience but i am currently interning at the firm. It’s been almost 15 days and no one has ever screamed at me or even raised their voice. Infact this is one firm where the Partners actually know the names of Interns. It is a very interactive place if you want it to be one. You have to be pro active and talk to the Seniors. They are always more than ready to help. As of now there are 6 interns in the firm and no one has complained about the behaviour of the Associates or the Seniors. I agree that the work isn’t great but that’s the reason they give you a paper presentation. This is a brilliant opportunity to write a good paper and hone your presentation skills. also, No one has talked to us rudely about the presentation either.
    P.S. I have worked in 3 other firms and i think Desai and Diwanji has the best set of people one would want to work with. I don’t know if the people you worked with have left, but the current group of associates is a jolly good bunch of people.

  8. Thank you very much Mr. Intern and Ex Associate for providing me with such vital info, I was planning to intern at “DnD” in summers.

  9. I can only sympathise with your poor choice of internship…each and every word is true….and “no certificate policy” is not limited to is the same for Associates…and yeah one of the most unorganised law firms….I still remebr an associate with around 4 yrs experience sitting jobless for one week with nobody giving her any work…finally she left the next week…so u can imagine the plight of interns.


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