Internship Experience @ Delhi State Legal Service Authority, Delhi: Visits to Supreme Court, Tihar Jail, Juvenile Justice Board

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Pragha Paramita Saha, Lloyd Law College, 5th Year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Delhi State Legal Service Authority, Delhi

Application Process with contact details

I have got this internship by applying to their official site. You just need to go to their site and look for the notices. they provide two types of internship, i.e. summer internship and winter internship.

You need to fill the form and submit it to their main website. And after few days they will reply back to you if you get selected.

Duration of internship and timings

6th July, 2015 to 27th July, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On first day I went to Patiala court were we had an orientation and according to the number of people we were divided into groups. In each group there consisted of 10 people including one group leader. After that I filled up a form with few questions regarding this internship.

Main tasks

We had to go to different places High Court, Supreme Court, Tihar Jial, Juvenile Justice board, Rohini court. It was a relaxed internship, we just need to go their and understand the working system of that place. It was that we just need to understand how the system works.

It was exposure for me as I was unaware of the Delhi routes. If you want to learn something basically how the judicial system or the functions of different homes then you join this internship.

The best part of this internship is that if you go individually to these places then no one entertain or make you understand, but if you join this internship then you belong to a authority were everyone permits you to enter.

Work environment and people

Work environment and people are good. There is no harm in doing this internship.

Best things

The best thing of this internship would be that I have made many new friends from different law schools. Met many new faces also. And for me the best part would be that I have learnt the Delhi route.

Bad things

There are no perks. The worst thing was that you need to travel by your oneself and reach the place which was to expensive. At least I should get my travelling expenses during this internship.



Biggest Lessons

My biggest lesson would be that I have learnt the procedural work of the of different institution of government sectors. It has also helped me in my future career if I want to go with government sector.

Any Other Thing

It is a great internship. One can learn many new things from this. And you must try and explore this one.

Overall Rating



I stayed in my home. So those who are preferring to apply then you must look for Pgs or flats in Delhi. As they will be taking you to different visits.

Office Timings

The was no certain office. Only one main office is there were office members used to sit and work. For interns there was no work in the office.

It was a relaxed internship but you can many new things in the filed of law.



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