I interned with Senior Counsel, Mr. KTS Tulsi in the month of July 2010. He has a team of 6 lawyers under him who assist him in all the cases.

Method of Application: Mr.Tulsi usually has 5 to 6 interns every month. You can directly apply by mailing your CV. They have a policy of not keeping an intern for more than a month and there isn’t a provision of re-applying also. This is to facilitate equal opportunities to all.

Work Experience: The work description mainly involves comprehensive research on diverse areas of law, making case briefs and summaries, and making list of dates of various cases.

The interns are generally asked to find case laws to support the case lined up in the courts. The first half of the day goes in courts observing the court proceedings and getting an exposure to court etiquettes whilst after lunch hours are spent in his chambers.

Also, every intern has to compulsorily make a presentation after the completion of his/her internship period.

Moots! The most interesting experience of interning with Mr. Tulsi is that interns have to participate in moot trials and debates on the issues which are being dealt in his cases. The interns are divided into groups and are required to take stands and present their views.

The topic is given a day in advance for us to prepare. The presentation is to be made during the lunch time where all the associates. It is judged by Mr. Tulsi and he also gives insight on the issue in hand.

Warm lunches and the hospitality: The most cherished moment is the lunch hour where lunch is served and all the interns and staff members have lunch together along with Mr. KTS Tulsi. During this time discussions about current issues and his cases also take place. The interns are also asked to give their opinion on the same.

It was a very heartwarming experience to witness the hospitality and warmth of Mr. KTS Tulsi and to see the initiatives taken by him in making all the advocates, working staff as well as the interns comfortable.

A bad thing: There was only one bad thing about the whole internship. It was the compilation work assigned to the interns. The interns were given huge files which had cases on different subjects. They were required to read the case and mention the disposition of the cases. This clerical work was dreaded.

A suggestion: But overall experience was very enriching. One suggestion to all the interns who wish to intern with him would be that they should be familiar with the basics of criminal law and should know how to operate research databse like SCC Online, Manupatra,etc before they join the internship.

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  1. Experiencing KTS Tulsi is good but his staff certain associate is worst. The feel like they are the boss but they are good for nothing. But Tulsi is very humble person and he take care for every intern.

  2. Respected Sir

    I Nikkita Singh, student of B.A.LL.B(H’ons) 3rd year , wants to join internship programme.
    Kindly give me this oppurtunity as soon as possible.
    Thank you

  3. I totally agree with Udit. The associates don’t know anything about law and they are just simply frustrated. This one can easily win the award for the ‘Worst Internship Ever’. If you are looking forward to learn something please apply somewhere else.


  4. Its less of an internship, more of clerkship.
    the only work that the Associates gives you is to carry their files when they take you to courts.
    The associates are damn rude, they don’t even care about the foul language.
    If any of you get there, please tell [] who is an associate their, that he is a jerk.

  5. This internsip takes place at his Jungpura Office. Generally, you should wait a week or 10 days before you can apply again or follow up. The stipend is 7500/-. Very clerical work at times. But you can go to the Courts also.


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