Internship Experience @ Chambers of Senior Advocate Manjit Singh, Calcutta High Court: Lots to Learn

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Chambers of Senior Advocate Manjit Singh [Public Prosecutor], Calcutta High Court

Application Process

If one has to intern with Mr. Singh, he/she may apply to his junior, Mr. Pavan Gupta.

One has Mr. Gupta about two months before he/she is desirous to intern under Mr. Singh.

Since Mr. Singh does not accept emails, one has to personally go and meet either Mr. Gupta or Mr. Singh after taking an appointment. After the meeting, Mr. Singh may or may not grant you an internship.

Duration of internship and timings

According to Bar Council of India (BCI) rules, a student has to intern for a minimum of twenty-one days for each internship. My internship spanned from June 2nd, 2014 to June 30th, 2014. Since I had to attend Mr. Singh’s chambers at the High Court, and the Court is not a working day on weekends, weekends were off for me.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On my first day, I went and met Mr. Gupta. I had earlier met him for an interview. He made me wait in the chamber till Mr. Singh came. He introduced me to him. For someone of Mr. Singh’s stature, he was very humble and nice.

He walked me through the basic duties of a PP and then asked me to accompany him for different courtroom proceedings.

Main tasks

Since I interned when I was in my second year, I was not burdened with much pressure. I merely had to read various judgments and brief them for the perusal of the juniors. They would then in turn brief Sir about the cases and with various arguments to be put forth in front of the judges.

Work environment and people

Ranging from various property matters to death penalty reviews, the chamber of Sir is overburdened with work. The office is filled and made vociferous by Mr. Singh’s juniors, court officials, policemen and peons. Coming to terms with the work environment and being able to work with concentration is quite a task.

Best things

Working with Sir has its own advantages. Stalwarts of the legal profession would come to meet Mr. Singh, and I would have the privilege to sit through these entertaining, yet informative chitchat sessions. He would even introduce me to these lawyers and help in my networking process.

Bad things

The work given to interns is very monotonous and after a while, gets very boring. Apart from briefing cases, there was hardly much to do. One could look forward to the death review cases sent by the sessions courts.


There is no stipend provided to interns.

Biggest Lessons

The biggest lesson to learn is that a PP has an instrumental role to play in court room proceedings. Based on his arguments, the tone of a case is set and argued by the two parties. The innocence or guilt of a person is highly dependent as to how Sir perceives a case.


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