Internship Experience @ Chambers of Advocate Apar Gupta, Delhi: Gain Practical Understanding of Things

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Chambers of Advocate Apar Gupta, Delhi, Team Strength: 5 Lawyers, 2 Associates

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February, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first day started out with a brief introduction session where everyone was present. The Office is fancy with woodwork and laminates at the right places. A very “Suits” inspired conference room also adds to the general swankiness.

Main tasks

Main tasks were to research, draft and file case memorandum. During my time there, cases relating to the following areas of law were filed and argued in the Delhi HC:

Secular laws of ‘custody’ in India.

Primacy of a Hindu woman as guardian of her female child.

Whether allegations of ‘adultery’ are a ground for withdrawing custody.

‘Oppression’ and ‘Mismanagement’ under the Companies Act, 1956.

Relegation of a Company Law Board petition to civil suit.

Scope of ‘captive’ coal mining.

Conditions when violation of the quorum requirement for a meeting of directors under Companies Act, 1956 is permitted.

Arbitration and cross-examination of witnesses therein.

Delhi School Education Act and Rules, 1973.

Promissory estoppel in Contract Law.

Principles of Natural Justice – rule of audi alteram partem.

Validity of ‘triple talaq’ when communicated via text messages, WhatsApp messenger or electronic mail.

Work environment and people

All lawyers and associates are quite friendly. The extra-legal staff is also exceptionally friendly and overall, they are a good source of recurrent humor.

Best things

The fact that you were allowed to take up a case, research on the relevant law, draft memorandum, and help in filing the same, helps you gain a practical understanding of how things work in the Delhi HC.

Bad things

None that I can think of.



Biggest Lessons

The biggest take-away from this internship was a practical, hands-on experience at the legal system. It being my first litigation internship, it was an amazing learning experience. Further, it makes you aware if the kind of timelines cases are worked under, and how much preparation is required for oral argumentation. Many practical life lessons like tailoring your arguments to suit the Judge, etc. are also things that you learn out of this.

Overall Rating



There is a paying guest hostel right opposite to the office in Kailash Colony called DelhiStay. The place is very inviting and has good food. That apart, there are many PGs in and around Kailash Colony and Moolchand.

Office Timings

10 AM to 8 PM. Whether non-compliance would be penalised, depends on the kind of work that day, and more than that, on when your boss turns up. You get a 45-minute long lunch break, and the Street vendors right below the office building serve amazing food.



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